Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Wanderings!

We had on and off rain this weekend, but a few breaks which meant a good day to go for a ride and stop by at our favorite spots.

I always enjoy going to the port of Gallilee where the ferry and fishing boats come and go, throughout the day. The parking lot faces the breach way so we can sit in the car and watch or go on the platform when the rain stops.

There were a few seagulls and this one came out pretty nice, except the gray day made it dull. So, I a little photo shop magic and I got a beautiful blue sky with a slight texture for fun. You are welcome to use the photo for your own personal use.

We caught the high speed ferry coming in.

The next stop was the lighthouse at Point Judith, on the other end of the coast line. It was a bit windy and this boat was trying to get back to port. The boat was going up with the waves.

 And back down again....

Since I was playing with photoshop, I decided to make a banner. You are welcome to use it, you can add your own words or use it as a header for your blog, just add your name. You can also use it for labels if you have a label maker. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Julie Fukuda said...

Love that gull. (and your computer skills).

cucki said...

beautiful x

Barbara said...

Beautiful shot of the gull.

acorn hollow said...

It sounds and looks like a peaceful day.