Monday, May 20, 2013

The Good and the Bad!

The good news is, the team came today and repaired the line and our water is back. The bad is, it was the whole water line so they had to dig all the way out and the town had requirements for new things that we add to put in, as well, so the cost tripled.

 The bad news, Moki escaped a few times today, but all the noise scared him back in. In other news, Moki is in water heaven, how he missed his running water.

We also had a good day for hiking and I picked a spot that I had been wanting to visit. It is in the same area as our previous walk, but another path and pond, also the site where they filmed the kids on a rock, camping out.

The bad news, the hike was constant, up and down hills and rocks.

The good news, I made it to the rock and couldn't wait to get on top and get some shots of the lake below us. The bad news, I found out, there are no paths around it and I couldn't get past one ledge before I froze, so I had to concede to defeat.

Even with the harder hike, it was well worth a visit. It was such a beautiful area and a nice challenge for me. Hopefully by the end of the week, I will be able to move again, lol. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and prayers for all of you who are being effected by the tornados


SewCalGal said...

Sorry to hear about your waterline hassles and expenses. Not fun. Moki does seem to be so very happy with fresh water. :) Glad were able to go on another beautiful hike.


Firecracker Kid said...

OMGosh, you brave girl! That was a brave hike you took and climbing up that boulder like that. Geesh! Even though I'm a hermit, I would love to be in your woods and experience your trails. Amazing scenery indeed.

Unexpected extra cost huh. That doesn't surprise me. Well, at least you'll have all new and thank goodness Moki is back in the water. Ha haha! Our Hermes is a spigot drinker too.


Fiona said...

life is full of ups and downs isn't it.... glad the water is fixed even if unexpectedly expensive... Moki is happy though .... lovely walks...

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh. Glad the water is back. Smitty likes running water too.

moosecraft said...

Hurray for getting the water pipe fixed! Boo on the triple cost though... geesh! Looks like another great place to hike!

Dawn said...

Glad you got the water problem resolved.
What a beautiful hike!
Love you kitty drinking from the faucet - Mine did that ;-) So sweet.

Julie Fukuda said...

Ups and downs is right! The water, the trail and even the cat ... Hang in there!