Monday, February 18, 2013

Oldies but Goodies!

I am working on a new project that I got from a freebie, so nothing to show yet.
I took some photos of a couple of items that I made years ago and hope  you enjoy seeing them.
I had to do these without flash to reduce the glare, so they colors are a bit yellowed.

This is a cross stitch that I made about 30 years ago, when I could still see well, lol. I still love this piece as much now, as when I made it and hangs on my bedroom wall.

These are two of the first frakturs, that I ever made. One is for my wedding date and the other is when we bought our home.

And this is an item I bought about 20 years ago. I love to collect unique cat items and couldn't resist this one. I am thinking of using the design as an idea for an art quilt.


Linda said...

I love oldies but goodies. Fun to take a trip down memory lane. :-)

Firecracker Kid said...

Cool stuff! I love frakturs :) You've been going through your stuff? I've been doing that.


The Joy of Needlework said...

Hi Ya Deb, Wow the cross stitch is very beautiful and so country too. Would be so perfect in a cottage style come. I have not been up to par of late so didn't much posted the last few week. Just got the blog updated.
Miss ya kiddo. Hugs, LenZie

Kris said...

Deb - Your cross-stitch is darling!! And I have never heard the term fraktur before - guess I'll have to Google that!! They are lovely!!

cucki said...

aww i love oldies so cute..
love for you x

Anna said...

Isn't it fun to revisit the oldies and find out we love them still!

Sauders, Zooks and This-n-That Fabrics said...

Old things are the best. I also love frakturs and do I see a hooked rug


The cross stitch with the Lamb and tree is one that I have started--a long time ago now I guess--maybe 10 years or so--it is in my to finish some day box!!!
thanks for sharing yours-
hugs, di and miss gracie

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