Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fabric, Ferries and Felines!

I did a lot today, compared to the last months, but it sure was nice to get out.
Since we are down to one car, I like to go places that we don't always have time for and of course that means my favorite folk art quilt store. I always hit the sale rack first, I am a bargain hunter. I was hoping to get some more of the gold for my christmas quilt, just in case, but it was gone. Hopefully I have enough. I found some nice historic blue fabric, has a faded look to the blue and some nice hand dyed fabrics for my art pieces. When I went to check out, she gave me the discount for the sale next week, wish I had known before i checked out;)

Then we hit a store and bought the kitties a new toy, a water fountain. The minute I started it up, they all came running to check it out. Dora got there first and went right for the bowl to drink. Then she left and moki checked it out and played with it for a bit and back came Dora, so Moki took to his favorite safe spot, the tub. He was not happy that he had to hide out while she played with the new fountain. You can see that Dora is delighted with herself, she does not like Moki having anything that she considers hers, which includes everything. Izzy wouldn't go near it, she wanted her little drips in the faucet.

To round off the day, we headed to the breakers at Point Judith. It was a beautiful day, nice fresh air and the sun was out.
You can get a nice view of the lighthouse and the coast guard house from the rocks.

A few people were taking advantage of the weather and low tide, you can walk all the way out at low tide.

Bill enjoyed the view, not to mention he is wearing two different black shoes. He realized it when he looked down at them in the store.

We stayed and watched as the ferry came in for the afternoon run. This is the older ferry, which is slower, but who wants to hurry when you are out on the water. A nice end to a beautiful day.


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

It was such a beautiful day today at the Cape also. Got out and got some garden beds cleaned out...its so nice to see the bulbs pokint funny Hubby had 2 different shoes! Glad you enjoyed your day!

Kim said...

Sounds like a great day. But any day next to the water is a good day! I did that shoe thing one day at work. Embarrassed....

mariebeers said...

thanks for the pictures of Point Judith, brought back long ago memories. When I was a "youngester" I use to ride the ferry between Newport and Jamestown.

Colleen said...

How beautiful! And your cats are so cute :o)

Jacque. said...

Well, gosh, Debbie! Lovely scenic photos, LOVE the photo with Moki & Dora...and I love those fabrics! Great day for you!

Joanne said...

Great fabrics - Aren't those fountains great - we are on our second one! Miles (sniff, sniff) used to stand in it and drink as it's the type the water comes down on 4 sides from the center. Love th scenery pics - Oh my Bill in two different shoes - I haven't done that yet - just with socks!

Courtney said...

Lovely photos of the water! It's so energizing and relaxing all at the same time to go to the shore. Funny about your husband's shoes! At least he's a guy with more than one pair! ~grin~ The blue fabric is great and I look forward to seeing your projects with it!

Quilt Hollow said...

I would love just one day to spend nice!
(thanks for my kitty fix)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Debbie ~
Great pics of the water. It has such a calming effect.
I did the shoe thing once, too, with a white and bone color. Too funny.
Love the kitties pics:)
Happy Spring!

Carrie P. said...

Interesting little dish for the cats.
You live is such a beautiful place.

rockriverstitches said...

You got some great fabric. I like to look for the bargins too! And that picture of your it!


Linda said...

OMG!!! Love the kitty pics!! So funny and cute. Girls got a kick out of it too!! :-) Beautiful photos!