Friday, November 28, 2008

New primitive find

Today I wanted to go out and shop and not get mobbed by the crowds or have to deal with the traffic.
I looked online and found a place in Foster, RI called Things Made Wonderful. I was in heaven, lol.
The entire first floor is set up with different rooms filled with primitive goods and the upstairs is filled with booths that have antiques and hand made goods.

I found a new shelf for my wall collection, perfect to put up some ornaments from my collection. The box came with some grubby candles and I used those on the other shelf.

I also dug up a few other things to start my christmas decorations. My husband cut this nativity out for me and I painted it, that was years ago, but it would be fun to make up some more as gifts. I love the simplicity of the set. I think my old shelf needs a new prim coat of painting and antiquing.


moosecraft said...

Yes!!! Please have the hubby make a few more of those nativities! With that shelf would be great too! I love it! :-)

Karmen Sunshine said...

"Classics" make the best antiques! I love your wall displays.

Karmen Sunshine said...

YOu have mentions the "cats" twice in comments. Please post a picture so I can see what cats you are talking about. They may have appeared before I was reading your blog.