Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall and Fog

We have had a beautiful Fall this year. The temperatures are staying warm and except for the rain this week, the sun is shining.
I love being able to go out for walks in the fall, it is so much cooler and no crowds. This week I have had the flu, so spent a lot of time resting and working on my christmas projects.

I thought you would like to see one of my views from my porch. This is my neighbors yard. Their house is one of the oldest on the street, it was a farm before the land got sold off. I am lucky because they gave their relatives a lot of the surrounding land, so there are fields and woods around me.

This picture is just at sunset. The sun sets off the colors of the leaves with a golden hue, a magical time of day.

Today I felt better and wanted to get out, even though it was cloudy and possible rain. We went to one of our favorite spots, the salt pond with the ocean just over the banks. It was really foggy out and a bit of drizzle, but it felt great to get out and breath in the salt air.


Jacque said...

Love the photos. Fall appears to coming to an end here in WI...getting colder and even having snow flurries! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

JoJo said...

How beautiful!! We've had a very lovely and colorful fall....much more so than usual here in Kansas. But the weather was very windy most of last week and took all of the beautiful leaves to the ground.

Now the wind has died down and it's gotten cold. It was sunny today with a light breeze but I don't think we ever got up over 40 degrees. So what did I do? I piled into bed with the cats, in the sun, and took a long, warm nap.

Debbie, your pictures of the salt pond make me homesick for Maine. I'm ready to go back for a visit but would prefer to wait until next fall. I just can't deal with the never-ending winters.

WoolenSails said...

We love to go to maine, but since we have been sticking closer to home, I have realized I have not enjoyed the beauty of Rhode Island as much as I should. There are always new places to explore and a great way to relax and get some exercise.