Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Tuesday

Today was another nice day and I couldn't resist going for another walk. I love walking, it always makes me feel great and rejuvenated. It won't be long before the winter chill will turn me into a hermit.

We went to the bird sanctuary since it was a little brisk. It is more sheltered and a good walk if you do the both pathways.
There were lots of ducks and swans out today. In the little cove a Comerant was sitting by himself.

I had my Zoom on, to get some close ups and of course, just as I was walking back up the path, the swans decided to take off. It is so beautiful to watch them as they fly across the water. They stay at the water's surface and flap their wings to get to another area faster. Their wings are so powerful, you can hear them as they beat up and down and splashing their legs across the water. So, I had to be satisfied with a shot of one of them after they slowed down.

Tonight I was working on the computer and turned around and got the funniest look from Casey and Dora. Dora was lying on the mattress and Casey decided he wanted to be on it too. Well they both gave me that look as if to say, will you tell her/him to get off. And of course as I grab the camera, Dora decides to give up and leave.

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