Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was a bit cooler and I was a bit sick, maybe a cold, but my body is dragging and I found it hard to crawl around on the rocks, so we took it easy. One more week of watching Nick and next week, mommy comes home. I think a month of full time care, is a bit much for me, not sure if I can catch up next month and I have the trip to get ready for.

We went to the lighthouse, since we can enjoy the views and walk around the main circle. The tide was just starting to go out so we took Bean down to a beach front with enough ground to play on.

The problem was, the tide was going out and the waves were coming in. Bean ran out, just as one came in and covered him.

Do you think he would learn that waves are deeper than he is high? NO..... he kept running in and getting hit with waves, this is his, not funny look. The waves next to the rocks go both ways, but at least he was not afraid so that is good if we take him out on the ocean.

We enjoyed watching the sailboats come by, this one was tacking in the wind, not sure if I would like having to sit on the side of a boat to keep it upright;)

This is more my style, nice and big. I have been on schooners, never a smaller boat and always under motor.

Today Nick was back and Dad is working at home for a few days. They are getting a new tub put in, so he has to stay and keep an eye on things. We took Nick to a discount store and found a great toy to keep him busy with, at least until the rain started. It is a pump squirt gun with a dinosaur head, easy for him to use and good exercise for his arms. I hope you all had a nice weekend. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Finish and Fun!

Another whirlwind week, lots of outdoor time with Nick, way too much extra cleaning and a sleepover, but I did manage to get the newest block done from Suzy's Sitcom.

This one was fun, love the word and how she has the little baby bird, taking his first step from the nest. This is something that will be a great inspirational quilt and hopefully I don't make a mess of it. She has borders, so I may do her style or I may do it more wonky and fun, that way if my blocks aren't perfect, no one will notice;)

With a record hot week, we spent days at the beach, having fun in the water.

Afternoons in the pool, having fun. Having fun until Nick kicked up water and his foot landed into Beans mouth. So, after a few days of a sore bruised toe, he is back to running around again.

Yesterday I bought my play kayak. It is great to putt around in and the water was calm enough to paddle around the cove with him.

Today was the last hot day, which is fine with me. Nick found a friend to play with. I took some videos of the two of them, if you would like to see, you can visit my You Tube Channel. It is cute, since Nick was watching over him and holding his hand. His dad was very appreciative to have someone play and watch him while he sat with his baby daughter.

I am still cleaning and will be till I go to bed, lol. I do not plan on spending my weekend at home, the weather is cooler and it is a perfect time for some hiking. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Wandering and a Finish!

I actually got some sewing time in, this weekend, and I spent a little time working on my painting. I realized I was trying too hard and the little painting is not a good size for the tutorial, so at this point, I am just going to paint it and finish it, then work on the large one with the video tutorial.

I did get to finish my piece for the One Stitch at a Time Club. I love doing the monthly piece, they are wonderful designs and work up quickly. I made mine with lavender so I can place it with my wools to keep the moths away.

I realized when I looked at the photo, that I missed a few pieces of two leaves, duh to me. I can go back in and fix that. I pull the thread through from the side seam and that way it goes in and stays put with the knot.

The green and yellow threads are Cosmo threads, that I ordered with my winnings. I got patterns, but I wanted to try the threads. I have to admit, they are wonderful to work with and I am getting tired of my DMC, twisting and catching and having to pull out and fix them. It seems the quality has gone down, do others notice that?

This weekend we got out for a bit and enjoyed a visit to the island and hit our usual parks for some short walks. We enjoyed views from the cliffs, the boats are starting to come out on the weekends.

We did a little cliff climbing to enjoy the solitude and views in a hidden area.

Of course we had to take Bean to the other side, for a play on the beach. It was high tide so we stayed in one area and let him play, while I looked for sea glass and heart rocks, much better to find it at low tide. The cormorants were hanging out at the rocks.

We had the kids over for Mother's day. Bill did the cooking and Billy surprised me with a new light pad. I have been wanting a new one and this one is large and skinny, perfect for my new patterns. I already have two done on backing that I can work on this week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I stole this photo off of amazon, it is a 20" long, great for those oversized patterns. It is a huron, adjustable light. I am not sure if it really has more light than my old one though, I still have areas that are harder to see but I may be doing something wrong, will have to test it more with different fabrics.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Finish and Fun!

This week I finished two pieces. One was a comfort pillow for a friend, but I forget to get a photo of it. I will do similar ones, so I will share those and basic patterns so others can do them for friends.

I finished my pillow stitchery, this one I made for spring and summer, it will fit with both seasons and look nice, sitting with other items on my chest.

The design is from an old Kindred Spirits book, called Homespun Stitcheries. I made mine into a pillow and kept it simple and prim. It measures 9" x 12". I use my Faber Castell art pens to give it a touch of color. I like the markers since they are archival ink and quick drying. I alway do the coloring before I do the stitching.

Grandpa has been keeping Nick busy in the mornings, though he tends to do things that put Grandma's nerves on edge, lol. 

Bean doesn't like it when he isn't getting all the attention, so he decided to show off some of his skills. He will catch one ball and hold on to it and when I kick the big ball to him, he catches it with his hands, he would make a good soccer goalie.

We also took Nick shopping and decided to give him an early birthday present. He will be 4 this month and his mom won't be home till the end of the month, so I wanted to get him something he could have fun with, at our house and take home to ride, when Ivy comes home. He tried it in our yard and I realized it was not a good idea on grass, small bikes and little legs do not peddle well, but he still had fun and then played on the porch with it.

Today we took Nick to the bike path, though it was more hilly than I realized. He did really good though and got up the incline and had fun going down again. It was nice to see him enjoying his bike on a better surface so we will have to take him to areas like this, next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and mother's day. I plan on resting and Sunday we are getting pouring rain, so no day out. I guess Bill will just have to cook me a nice dinner while I relax and work on some projects;)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

It seems someone gave Nick and I a cold, luckily he is just sniffling and I got stuck with the joint aches, lol. Of course that did not stop me from getting out this weekend, I always feel better when I am at the ocean.

On Saturday the wind was kicking up the surf, so we went to the fishermen's site and walked in, and enjoyed the views of the ocean surf. I can't wait until they finish cleaning up the parking area so we can drive in again.

The seagulls were gathering at the shore, waiting for the horseshoe crabs to get washed in, they had a feast that day. It was nice getting out and I was happy to go home early, to relax and do some stitching, but my son decided to come over for dinner, so no rest that day;)

Sunday we went to the island, it was Bean's day and the beach is the perfect place for him to run off leash and play in the water. Funny how he was afraid of water at first and now I can't keep him out.

We enjoyed a ride to the lighthouse and then went to the forts on the other side and enjoyed a walk around the cliffs. It got colder and started to rain, so that was the end of the day. We did get to enjoy watching the ships come in.

Today I am beat, luckily Bill works nights so he watched Nick this morning so I could rest and get going on a new project I started today and finished, thanks to his tiring Nick out and he got a good nap in. Bill is tearing down the old fence posts so we can get the new one up, Nick loves helping, cart the rocks to the garden.

I hope you all had a good weekend, hopefully I can show you the new project on Friday, since it is a gift, I will wait till it arrives.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Finishes?

It looks like another week of not enough time. With Nick here during the day, I have little time for myself and by the time they leave, I am catching up around the house and only have a few hours to stitch, but that is ok, I love having Nick and hopefully we can get on a better schedule.

I finished one more angel, from my old set and started a new one, which will be a pillow for me. I like making larger pillows to set on my chest and Moki loves them too, it is one of  his favorite spots to sleep.

I received two packages this week, I guess it was my lucky week, last week. I won Kathy Schmitz's giveaway on the One Stitch at a Time Club. I enjoyed spending my money and got a lot of wonderful patterns and a pack of threads and material to use for the club. She also sent me some additional prizes, bookmarks, gift cards, a banner pattern and an acorn pin. I felt like it was Christmas, she is so generous with his giveaways and special surprises for me.

I also won a bag from the Green Bag Lady. Not only did I get the beautiful floral print bag, I also got a bonus Christmas bag. I want to make my own, so this way I can use her pattern and see the finished bag, to help me out. I think it is a wonderful idea to use as a gift bag, then I can put gifts or a pillow inside the bag, instead of wrapping paper. I also think it is a nice idea for the cancer heart pillows, then they can carry their pillows and items in the bag, lots of possibilities.

He loves to help, we got a couple of daisy plants to get a start on the garden area. He also loved spraying Bean and Grandma, lol.

And or course Nick, he loves to play outside and that is fun if it is nice out. It is also more relaxing for me if he is playing in one place, instead of running around the house. We took him shopping and he wanted the wheel barrow set, he loved pushing it around the yard. Earlier this morning he and Grandpa where pushing their wheelbarrows around the yard, wish I had seen that, but Grandma slept in so she could have more energy;)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity and a lot of tired from no sleep and a day of Nick, and today I am still going and still tired, lol. His dad has a few days off, so I am cleaning and making space in my sewing room for him, so he can work from here. The bad thing is, I won't be able to use my room during the day, but I have plenty to keep me busy.

One thing that I will be busy doing is, lots of stitchery. I belong to Kathy Schmitz's, One Stitch At A Time Club and each month, if you submit your stitchery on Facebook, you get entered into a contest and I won this month and I won a 100.00 gift certificate. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to and of course I have my order in and on it's way. I got stitcheries for fun and some that I can make into gifts. I also treated myself to a kit with threads and fabrics to use in the club.

Saturday was a low key day, I was still dragging, so we went shopping and a few stops at our favorite ocean spots. I really wanted to get out for a walk so we stopped at the rocks and enjoyed the views and the fresh air.

I love the mix of colors on the rocks and do you see the hidden heart in the photo? It is formed from a bed of muscles.

On Sunday we went to Jamestown and Bean's favorite park. The campground opens this month, so we enjoyed some time before it opens. The regular beach was crowded, so we walked along the cliff path and found an opening to a rocky beach. It was the perfect spot to let Bean play off leash.

Bean has no sense and he kept going in the cold ocean water. I told him it was too cold to go in and this is the look I got.

We decided to walk around the campground loop and I noticed a sign for the bird sanctuary. It as a nice walk and I am sure there were some nice birds, but they all seem to disappear when I come with a camera. We found this wonderful old tree on the path, a nice place to walk and enjoy the views on the inlet.

We took a ride up to the lighthouse and it was a lot windier there, and cooler, so we just took a short walk around the main loop. The crazy ducks were swimming in the swells and trying to stay above water.

This seagull did not want to give up his place on the rock, but the incoming tide made the decision for him.

We left, planning on going home and resting and having dinner, but my son decided to come over to visit. Nick was thrilled that we had a new tractor, the old one died and he was so disappointed that he couldn't ride on it anymore. The tractor was the first thing he went to.

Then he wanted to play with Bean, he gets such a kick out of Bean's skills and the two of them are a bundle of energy and laughter.

Bean will go to any length, to catch a ball, wonder how he would do in a soccer field, lol. He has a ball he can throw in the air and bounce off his head, his newest trick to show off with.

To end our day, Danielle's tree is finally blooming, a bit late this year. We also have old apple trees that have finally been blossoming so it is wonderful to see the beautiful pink flowers and the white apple blossoms in the back. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week I decided to finish a piece I made up for camping, and never did. I had two and decided on the angel saying and realized it was the perfect gift for a friend who is going through a tough time. I was thinking while I worked on it, that it is a good idea for me, to make up some different stitcheries with sayings that I can give to others, so I will be working on some ideas.

I like the pillow idea since it can be displayed to look at, used to comfort when they need something to hold and something they can  use to ease pain after an operation or injury, so I will think about that when I design them too. I made this one large enough, but also soft enough for her to use as a cushion.

I forgot to measure it before I sent it out, and sizes will depend on sayings too. They need to be something I can make in a day or two. This one I used a saying from Jan Patek's angel book and a free angel, I found on the web.

I also worked on my painting from the class I won, by Teresa Kogut, Gather, Dream Create. I finally made time for myself, by cleaning and getting things done, but of course, the day did not go as planned. First it was my tooth, it has been bothering me so I made an appointment for today, but yesterday it got worse so my mouth was one giant nerve pain. That along with phone calls, made me lose track of what I was doing and I got frustrated when the video kept stalling, so I just started painting the small one myself. I did use her technique and tutorial for the face, the first time I made one that looked nice, but I decided the small piece is too small to work on with the tutorial, so I will just do it my way and use the large one for the tutorial. This is what I did so far, a few details, but mostly base colors to get the overall look.

On top of that, my son called, my DIL's dad died the other day and I will be watching Nick while she is gone, while my son works from my house. So, he will be stealing a room to set up his computers and Nick will be with me, during the day for 4 weeks. Today I had him while he drove her to NY to get a flight at a better price, so I am still waiting for him to return. That would be ok, if I had any sleep last night, no sleep at all, I have been up since yesterday and then the dentist where I got the tooth removed, but the pain of that is so much better than what I had. So, I am waiting for Nick to be picked up and then I am going to sleep, lol. 

Tomorrow I will have a day out, I need to enjoy doing something fun and different and then I can start reorganizing the house. I hope  you all have a wonderful weekend.

As you can see, my angel is not finished, and some things are off, but I fix those as I paint. This is 5" x 7", so not a lot of room for shading and the techniques that Teresa uses.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was mixed, some good and some bad. Saturday was mostly rainy, but we got out for a ride and I was able to get out of the car and take some shots before it started again. We went to the lighthouse in Westerly since you can park and enjoy the views without getting out.

I spotted some cormorants sitting on the pole, and got a quick shot off, but the minute I hit the beach, they took off, was hoping for some closeups.

I watched a sailboat go by and then the rain started, but at least I got out for a little while.

On the way back, we took a back road that followed the coastline and spotted an egret in the marsh. We saw a whole flock in another area, but no place to stop and park so I could get a shot.

On Sunday we got to get out with Nicholas. My son was working on the house so he dropped him off and I was getting snacks ready and Bill let Bean back in. Bean went flying into Nick and Nick went flying into the dishwasher and smacked his face into it.

It was just open enough that he hit the door with his mouth and cut up the inside of his lip and of course he started crying and crying for his daddy. I called and he was going to come back, but while we were waiting, Nick calmed down and I asked him if he wanted to go home or go to the beach, that made it easy, the beach of course. Nick was afraid to go near Bean but by the end of the day, he asked if we were going to go back and see Bean, so that is good, I don't want him to be afraid of Bean, Bean is just a bit excitable when Nick comes over to play.

We took Nick to the Denison Sanctuary to see the owls and go for a walk. Bill found out that you are supposed to pay, even if you just go for a walk, oops. So, we paid, which I didn't mind since the money helps to rehabilitate the owls.

Nick loved walking around the pond, we got to see the turtles and ducks and a huge snapping turtle came by, while we were at the shore.

He wanted to keep walking, I wasn't sure how much hiking he could do, but he was full of energy and wanted to explore. Grandpa held his hand on the rougher areas, one accident was enough.

We also went inside the center. They have areas with dioramas of different animals and their habitats, along with some live ones. Nick was afraid of the snake, said it was bad, but I told him that our snakes are friendly and helpful. I think he got the fear when he was in malaysia, those snakes are bad, lol.

And as promised, we took him to a beach. It was on the inner harbor, since it was getting cooler, but he was happy enough, just as long as there was sand and rocks to throw.

So the day ended on a good night, he had fun and was happy again, but he will be eating soft foods for a few days. I hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Finish!

This week flew by, seems I spent most of it, cleaning and shopping and getting ready for my new project, but I was able to make the newest block by Suzy's Sitcom, Words to Live by. This is a fun one to do and I think it will make a nice gift, so it keeps me motivated.

I also started my canvas boards for the painting class, that I won. It is offered by Teresa Kogut as part of her courses, Gather, Dream, Create. This one is called Angel Strokes and she also has one that offers several others. Of course my boards are different sizes, one is slightly smaller than the original and I also made a mini one for practice. I also cheated and used art pens to trace the designs, so they are wobbly and messed up, but paint will cover us those mistakes;) I am not at my best this week, so I will let them sit till next week and then start painting. The weekend is here and time for another adventure.

I took a photo at my art table, I think it is time to finish my room and start decorating the rest, so I can enjoy using it this summer. The room is a lot cooler and will be nice since I won't have to use the air conditioner. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with adventures and creativity.

For some reason things look crooked, so I have to look at it, maybe we hung up a crooked, or the wide angle made it look off. You can see the mini board in front of the larger one.