Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week has been slow and I was working on one of my stitcheries. Then I decided to make a pillow for my beach room and yesterday, I spent most of my day, working on it and finished the pillow top and today I was able to sew it up.

It is a design by Kathy Schmitz for her One Stitch Club, and I made a small pillow but this one is 18" square and a start for my pillows in my beach room. I wanted to use blue jean appliqué with rough edges, but not sure if they will fray too much, I used iron on fusible, so maybe I need to do the larger ones without?

I changed the design up a bit to fit the size and kept it simple, I don't want the pillows to be basic, this one is more than I planned. The others will be a simple blue jean appliqué shape in the same style pillow, in a 20". I saw similar ones in a store and they were asking 60.00 for one, so it is nice to be able to make my own.

I am also working on a stitchery by Cheri Saffiote, a freebie pattern for her Facebook Group. I am making this as a gift and later I will add the names to it, but for now I need to finish the main stitchery and then decide on a border.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. I found a place that will take our old VHS tapes and put them on disc, so we will start out with a few at a time. It is only 10.00, but I want to try a few first and these I know have our kids on them, the rest we will have to sit and watch to see what is on them.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was cold, way too cold to be out long, so Saturday we went out shopping for Thanksgiving table items. Well, I never did find that, but I found some new lights to decorate with, one fall set, and a set of bottles with sand and shells, as well as sea glass, for my beach room. And I decided it was time to get a tree and Michaels had pencil trees on sale, perfect for a small space but nice and tall, so I can enjoy decorating it with my kitty ornaments.

Sunday was not as cold, so we decided to take Nick to the owl sanctuary and walk around the shops at Mystic Village. But, he was having so much fun exploring, we decided to stay there longer and pay the fee to go inside too.

Nick helped me hide rocks along the pathways.

He loved walking on the boardwalks.

We walked up to the balancing rock and gave it a push and got goofy.

He really loved hiking on the paths and we let him lead the way, so we ended up on a longer path that took us on the outskirts of the sanctuary and back to the beginning. I was teaching him about path markers and we followed the red ones. Rocks seem to be his favorite thing now, he wants to climb them all.

Inside we got to look at the displays, watch a man feed the turtles something that looked like grub worms and they had a play area for the little kids. A nice respite from the cold.

We decided to get some apples on the way home, then I realized we had to drive out to go up to the orchards, but Nick was tired and fell asleep for the ride. Picking is over, but the store has apples from the orchards that they keep in cold storage, so I got a couple of bags, love eating fresh apples.

I realized it was almost time for the sun to set, but we couldn't make it down to the ocean in time and I was watching it as we drove home, I was hoping I could catch it as it went down over the farm, but it had gone down already and getting dark. I took a photo of the barn area,  you can see the last of the sun rays on the hay. I had to lighten it up a little, the sky was darker.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This week I started a new project, from one of Cheri's free designs.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week I did some rocks and a stitchery and actually cleaned up my sewing room, so I can get to all of those projects I have been wanting to do.

I had four rocks that I base coated, so it was worth finishing them, for now this will be the last batch. I am having a hard time keeping my hand steady for small areas and with the rough surfaces, it just take me too long to do a decent job. I have been wanting to make heart pillows for breast cancer and I have a few finished mini stitcheries that I can gift with, so between that and Christmas quilting, I think I will be busy enough.

These were done with some free clip art images, that I found. I like to make items that make people smile and hopefully these will. If you are interested in joining my group on Facebook, it is called DSmiles4miles, no pressure, just a group for those who want to make things for others and spread happiness to others.

Another item I finished was a little pillow for cat lovers. It is a free design from Quilts by Cheri, a Facebook group. I think it is a great gift idea for a cat loving friend.

And a reminder to find joy in your life, even in the simple things.
We are getting into the colder temperatures now, but we still plan on exploring, just less time outside. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, though it was over shadowed by the sad news on Sunday. My heart breaks for the families in Texas.

With so much sadness in the world lately, I do enjoy hiding my rocks and hoping it will bring a smile to the people who find them and a little happiness in other's lives. One thing that really made me feel good is that not only do we help others who find them, but also those who hide them.

Usually we take Nick on one day and he loves finding rocks and I have to tell him that he can only keep one and rehide the rest, which is hard for a four year old. This weekend we found a rock and he checked it out and then put it back in another place on the bridge. Then when we came home, I remembered I had found a heart shaped rock that had gold in it, and he loved it. Then he came over to me and said, I want you to have it, he is finding joy in giving to others now and that warms my heart.

Another story with rocks is that a neighbor loves to find rocks when she goes out and last week, she found one with an angel. She really didn't want the rock, but something made her take it and then she remembered me and bought it over. This rock is perfect for my room and she will sit there for awhile and someday, I plan on giving it to someone who needs it more than I. It says, "Your wings were ready, but my heart was not". Something simple as leaving painted rocks can touch so many others. If you are interested in joining in, you can go to my Facebook group, DSmiles4Miles. It is not just for rocks, but any type of gifts that you can leave in areas you visit, or gifts that you can give to others, to bring a smile to their day.

This is the rock she found, and this is my memorial table for my daughter. The angel is the one we had at her grave, until the stone came and the rocks are hearts and special items I find on the beach.

We took Nick out Saturday and I really wanted to go further up north but I needed to keep it to a few places with Nick along. We drove straight to the falls, no sight seeing or stops, so we could have more time enjoying the area. The falls were running full force, I tell Nick to smile and I get the grimace, that and I think he was a bit nervous being so close to the falls, lol.

From there we walked along the path and through the covered bridge.

Then along the river path and through the woods, a great place for a little boy to play and explore.

From there we went across to East Haddam, I wanted to see the oldest Bell and the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse. The school house was placed on the hill, over looking the Connecticut river, so it is more of a park like setting and another place, Nick could run around.

He went and set in the car with Bill while I took photos of the church and graveyard. It was hard to get a clear shot of the bell, but it was originally made for a Spanish Monestary in 815AD. A sea captain found the bell and used it as ballast for his ship and eventually it made it's way to East Haddam.

Then it was off to the castle. At this point, Nick was getting tired, so we took a quick tour around the castle and then a short hike into the woods. I really wanted him to go in the tunnel, which is part of the old mini railroad trail. The original owner of the castle, built a track around his property and had a small engine and cars to take his guests for rides.

Nick was nervous and couldn't wait to get out, then he said, lets go again.

We had a nice walk around the path, back to the car and by the time we got back, his energy dwindled. I decided he needed something to eat and we got him a meal in the next town, but by the time the food came out, he was fast asleep. So he got a good nap on the way home and was full of energy again when his parents came over and we had dinner together.

Sunday was another cloudy day but the rain held off and we were able to take a drive to the ocean. I was dragging, so a relaxing few hours on the beach was just what I needed. I found a few heart rocks and sea glass to add to my collection. Today I crashed, mostly resting and hoping I get my energy back tomorrow for all the ideas that are running through my head;)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Stitcheries and Stones!

We have another nice weekend coming up, maybe some rain on Sunday but I know we will be exploring on Saturday. So.. I had to make some more rocks. I was only able to get six done, it does take me time with my bad arm and messed up brain, but I think that they should bring some smiles to the people who find them.

One of the things that takes me the longest is putting on the base coats, I like to add at least three so they don't wear down and I also put three coats of finish to seal them. Then I make lots of mistakes so I try and fix those before I seal them, but even if I am not the best artist, and get lazy, they are fun to do and fun to hide, at the different places we go.

The angels are a free pattern from Artist's Club. They offer some nice designs for free and I think I may do some on wood so I can do a better job on the designs. The rocks were chunky so I had to free hand it, on wood I can trace it on.

I also made a new stitchery from Kathy's One Stitch Club. I made this one as a gift, it will be a little pillow and I will put some lavender in it. My DIL has a friend who lost her husband this year and she and the kids will be spending the holidays with all of us, so I thought it would be nice to make a little something for her. I will finish later, since I need to get a nice cording to finish the edge and I don't want to add the lavender too early, so it smells fresh when I give it to her. I think adding her initials would be a nice touch, too.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend happenings!

This weekend was a mix of sun and rain, but we did get out one day and enjoy exploring a new area. We headed to Salmon River Forest, the main destination was the Comstock covered bridge in Connecticut. We took a back road down, so we enjoyed new views and old barns, but most were hard to stop and get photos of.

The Comstock bridge had to be rebuilt, but they kept the original bridge, just new lumber and trusses to keep it from falling again. It was a beautiful spot to get out and walk along the river.

The bridge is the route for the bike path, we will have to come back to ride, someday. We walked along the river on the main trail and came up some steep hills to enjoy this beautiful view. We walked a bit more, but it seemed the trail was heading away from the river, so we turned back. Now I wish I had remembered to print a map, there was a waterfall not too much further and I really wanted to see that, next time.

There is a bit of color but not what i was hoping for, maybe next weekend. It is still beautiful though and there was a hawk flying down the river, searching for dinner.

We saw a road on the other side of the river and decided to check it out. Along the road was an old mill, it was wonderful to explore, as I walked around the outside, but a bit creepy since it was so large and filled with places, critters might be living.

We continued on and came out to a parking lot, where you could park and start on the bike path. The old railroad bridge is part of the path, beautiful area surrounding by woods.

We got a late start and it was a longer drive, so we will definitely go back to the area and explore more. The towns above this area are historical and lots of parks with hikes. On Sunday it rained in the morning so we waited till it stopped and headed over the Jamestown and walked along the beach at Fort Getty. I wanted to get a few more rocks for painting and it is a great place for Bean to play. Unfortunately the rain came again, so we rode to the lighthouse and it stopped again, long enough to enjoy a walk around the lighthouse loop and hide a few rocks.

On the way home we passed through the village and the kids were trick or treating at the stores. I couldn't get photos as we were moving, but I did get a shot of this storefront, they always have a decorating contest at the local stores, this one was fun.

And online, I saw a beautiful rock that a neighbor found. It was an angel with the saying, " Your wings were ready, but my heart was not". I thought that was the perfect one for me to find and then she messaged me to see if I wanted it. It wasn't a message that had meaning to her, but for some reason she decided to take it and then thought of me, so I thought that was really nice. Now the angel is in my rock garden, in my beach room and she will stay there for now, someday I will see someone who needs that message and pass it along to them.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We lost power at 11pm last night and it is still out. We are always one of the first to get it back since we live near a school, but it seems everyone else is getting theirs, but not us. We do have a generator, but it is a pain to have wires all over the house and I really need to wash some laundry, lol.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week seemed to go by quickly, and the weekend is here again and I am ready for some adventures, lol. We are going to explore a new area in Connecticut and see how the foliage is, then we can decide if we need to go up or down from there.

Of course I always have to have something to keep my hands busy during the week so I decided to try some bookmarks. And of course, I cannot follow directions, to save my life, so mine are a bit simpler.

I wanted to try them first to see how it worked and they were fun and quick to make. I may try the next with machine sewing on the edge, so I can put in a nicer ribbon. I used fabric from my scrap box and felt that I had won, lots of it to use up and it is perfect for bookmarks. They also have a stiffer felt at the craft store which would work nicely for this. I did a stiff kitty with it and use wool appliqué on top of that and it sews nicely.

The pattern is free at Craftsy, and it would be nice in appliqué too. This would be fun to leave in libraries and a tag can be easily attached with floss. If you are good at machine embroidery, you could  make a tag for the back. I do need to learn how to use my machine, I love the idea of making my own tags.

The bookmark is 7" long. Two pieces of wool are attached with a blanket stitch.
I would like to try some of my own designs that the girls can use to make for others and if you are interested, you can join in at DSmiles4Miles on Facebook. If you are interested, please fill out the questions, that lets me know you are a real person. Someone has made a request, but when I click on her Facebook page and there is nothing there, so it makes me suspicious.

Another item I finished was another block from Suzy's Sitcom, called Words of Wisdom. I skipped last months but I did like this one, so I will see when it is done, I like having an odd block so I can add my own saying and name for the recipient.

I am also working on another large stitchery and started a project from Cheri's Facebook group. She is so wonderful with sharing her patterns and making new ones for us to have for free, even though she is going through her own struggles right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with adventures, and creating.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a beautiful weekend, although it was a bit warmer than I expected, those fall days when it is too warm for pants and too cool for shorts. On Saturday we decided to go to Connecticut again, lots of towns that we pass by and this time we wanted to explore the town of Woodstock.

The town is full of history, old churches and historic home and some wonderful antique stores, but we didn't do any shopping since this was Bean's day and we wanted to stay outside.

In town I got to enjoy seeing Roseland Cottage, a time when Pink was in, lol. It looks small from the front, but the home extends out in the back and surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Then we went to Cemetery Road and checked out the graveyard. I love looking at the old stones and it sat beside a beautiful historic church. I thought this stone was unique, an old mill stone with the first family at the top in the 1800's, to the latest members in recent years.

The owner of the pink mansion also built a park for the town and his friends. Originally it had water fountains and over 1,000 rose bushes, now it has a few buildings left and the gazebo so visitors can walk out onto the lake.

On the way home, we took the long way around the Patchaug Forest. We got out at one trail and looked around, a beautiful river runs through. We kept going to see if there was a park entrance and stumbled onto a beautiful waterfall and basin. I just happened to see the sign as we were driving by and the cars parked there, so I made Bill turn around and I am glad I did. It is much nicer in person, and the cool air blowing down the stream was refreshing. Further up there is a large basic, where some kids were taking a swim, even thought it said no swimming;)

I had noticed another forest at the end of this one, so we drove around and came to another portion of the forest. I was surprised when we came into the parking area, it is an area we have been to before and I didn't realize it was there, since we usually come by from a different route. It is also a park that has a bike path section, so we will definitely come back, I can imagine biking around the side of this lake into the Patchaug forest above, maybe next weekend.

On Saturday we took Nick out. First we stopped at the park near his house to get a few photos, then we headed to the waterfalls, then the park, and from there we went to the apple orchards and finished it off with a walk up part of Lantern Hill.

In this photo, Nick is walking on the path at Lantern Hill, we had a steep climb than it levels out, then it goes up a steeper climb, so we just walked to the end of the path and turned around. I had to hold his hand all the way up one incline, I wasn't sure we could do the higher one, since we had been out all day and we were all getting tired. I would have liked to take him to the next level to see the views, but I think the next trip will be Bill and I, so we can go to the top to see the foliage from the cliffs.

He loves the bridge and the railroad tracks, I am not sure if any trains ever come this way, but I think a special seasonal train does, for a foliage ride.

And what would a day with Nick be, without a little silliness.

And treasure hunting, Nick found a few rocks, he kept the first one and the rest we left and at the orchards he found a flag rock, so I left it at the park near his house. We also left a few of our rocks for DSmiles4miles on Facebook.

After we dropped Nick off, we passed by the pond and the sun was setting, so we stopped and enjoyed the views. It was a wonderful but tiring weekend and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and some adventures of your own.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Finishes!

I received my issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects and I loved the hooked rug by Mad Hen Primitives. I decided to try it with punch needle so I reduced the design to make a pillow. I was trying to keep it toned down and similar colors, not sure if I really like how it came out, but not too bad.

My arm has been bothering me more this week, so I don't have the control I would like and it tends to make me stiffen up, so my punching gets tighter, as you can see by the various blobs of hoops that got smashed into it;)

I used two pieces of rug yarn and twisted them as I whip stitched it on. I also gave it a light coat of antique stain. It is a 6" pillow and I think it does look better in person than in a photo.

I also have plans to get out this weekend, warm weather and the leaves are turning, so we are heading up towards Massachusetts and hopefully hit the foliage. I wanted to have some rocks to hide as we travel, so I whipped up a quick batch. I do think the ghosts are fun and they are easy to make, maybe I should see if I can find some more of those shapes and make some for next weekend.

I did try a new pen, it is the same brand but it was a brush tip. I found it hard to see where I was going and it doesn't dry like the thin pen, so I couldn't clean around it without smudging it. I do like it though, for rocks it would be nice to color them in but they are not cheap, so I will stick with paint.

If you are interested in making your own rocks or other items to hide, for others to find, you can join my group on Facebook, DSmiles4miles.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I plan on enjoying the nice weather.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We had another weekend with rain, on and off, so we were able to get out when it stopped. Last weekend my son came by and snuck off without Nick, if we ask, he gets upset and wants to go with them. This time I called and did FaceTime with Nick and asked  him if he wanted to go out with us and he was eager to go, so hopefully his fear of leaving his parents is over.

We too him to Connecticut since I wanted to get some more apples, but we decided to stop by Mohegan Park to check it out. It was a beautiful place to visit, paved walkways around the pond, treed archways and two playgrounds. Nick had a blast and loved walking and playing at the park.

We also found this rock garden on the trail, it is a Connecticut girl scout group that is participating in Kindness rocks. Nick wanted to take more, but I told him to chose the one he liked the best and he took that one that said boo. Further along we found a larger stone with pink butterflies so I let him take that home to his mom for her garden.

Of course he loved the apple orchards, especially since he got to ride in the tractor cart. We let him have his own bag and pick some apples to take home.

And some time to be silly, a fun way to end the day.

Sunday was another overcast day but I wanted to go on a foliage ride, so we headed north to the top of our state. There were a few trees turning and we enjoyed a nice view from the state park.

Next we headed into Connecticut, and I couldn't resist getting a photo of this house, they really like halloween horror. I cut the photo in two so you can see it better.

There was more on each side, it was that big. A cellar door with a creature trying to get out and on the other side a flying witch and skeleton horse with rider. 

From there we headed into Putnam, I always love to stop at the waterfalls and stroll on the river walk.
I did enhance this photo, there wasn't much color, so I made my own, it will be like that next week, lol.

We saw this little guy, sitting on a rock at the edge of the river.

A family of ducks was resting on the edges of the river.

And this fun sculpture, it is called 4 people, not a very creative name, I think Family makes more sense;)

We walked down and I got a shot of the old mill from the backside. I read that they may make them into condos, would be nice to see it restored.

It was a nice walk, but Bean had to walk on a leash, not his favorite thing, so on the way home, I saw a launch sign, which means a place to stop and play. We took a look and it was a beautiful area and I saw a beach down a path, so we took him there to play. A nice way to end the day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today was catch up on cleaning and working on my angel.