Friday, April 5, 2019

Friday Finish!

I always love a new month, it means a new stitchery from Kathy Schmitz, for her One Stitch Club. Lately she has been doing bird themed stitcheries that are the same size, so we can make them into a quilt. This month, she went with a sweet bunny and as an added bonus, another bird theme to add to a quilt. I have so many blocks to make into quilts, I am just making mine into small pillows, fun to make and great for gifts.

This week I made the bunny, a fun piece to display for Easter. I colored him in with colored pencils before I stitched. Once he was done, I didn't like how the bunny himself, was too start with all the color, so I colored him in, after I made the pillow. I didn't have gray with the Faber Castell pencils, so I used an old Crayola pencil and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went on and how nice it shaded, so cheap pencils work just as nice.

This one I reduced slightly, I didn't want another large pillow, so it fits nicely on the shelf with my other easter smalls.

I am still working on my rug, it is slow going with the stitching, but I am almost done with the braid I made, then I can see how much more I need to do. I find it harder to stitch it together, than the braiding, so I will stick with small rugs.

Of course last weekend was spent at the beach. We found a lot of nice pieces on Saturday, always seems to be the best day to find glass and not as many people.

On Sunday we went back, I couldn't resist. It was a little cooler and windy, so the waves were whipping up, so it makes it harder to get glass on the edges, with the waves crashing up. Not as much this time, but still a nice haul to add to the stash.

The dark piece on the bottom left, looks like a rock, but something told me to keep it. When I got home, I used the flashlight under it and it is a piece of olive sea glass. I might have to take the flashlight with me next time, they are so dark, you cannot see through them without a strong light.

Afterwards we rode around the island to enjoy the views and stopped at the cove, overlooking Newport. A nice place to relax and get out of the winds. It looks like another nice weekend, so I am sure we will be hitting the beaches and hopefully get the boys one day, to join in, on the fun.

Even though Bill is sitting on piles of rocks, it is actually comfortable, so many that they are more cushioned, lol. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy exploring the hidden gems in your area.


Lady Locust said...

Now that is just darling! And you found some interesting pieces this weekend! You find so many, where do you keep them?

Fiona said...

I love that bunny... just perfect in a little cushion.... great sea glass treasures...

julieQ said...

Cute bunny!! I want to come find glass with you!

Allie said...

Aw that little bunny is so cute!!!! I just love her designs! Looks like you found some nice glass. This weekend is so nice here, but forecast says we're going to get clobbered this coming week with winter weather again....sigh. My poor crocuses and tulips. Not that I ever see the tulips - the deer eat them.

kelley said...

wondering what your sea glass collection looks like now...I always love seeing jars full of old buttons, especially when stored by that how you do your glass?
what a beautiful day at waters edge...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sweet little bunny....your stitching and finishes are always perfection. And more fun finds....but I am always most immediately drawn to the heart shapes LOL. I, too, would love to see your whole collection.... It must ve incredible. We enjoyed milder weather (albeit dreary) this weekend too....but another dumping of snow is headed this way mid-week they say. I am so ready to be over it. Have a great new week ahead Debbie! ~Robin~

Sandi said...

Love your bunny you did a lovely job.

We’ve been having some rainy cooler days with a bit of sun popping up now and then.

Enjoy your beach time.