Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekend finish and finds!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I woke up sick yesterday so no dinner with the family, Bill and I took it easy and he took me to the beach for a little while. There is nothing like fresh air and hunting for glass, to take my mind off my misery.

It is also a new month which means a new stitchery from Kathy Schmitz, from her One Stitch at a Time Club. I still need some more sachets, so I made another with this design to place with my wools. It was nice to have something small to keep my hands busy while I rested.

Of course I got out for some more glass hunting. It is the best time with all the winter storms and before the crowds hit the beaches. We did have the kids over on Saturday for a fish fry, and when it was time to go to church I opted to stay home, I guess I was getting hit with the bug and didn't realize it. But, I enjoyed the time with the kids and beach combing, so it was still a good weekend.

The two larger rocks at the bottom left are green, one is a lime shade and one an olive, but the years of tumbling has made them dark to the eye, but you can see the colors when they are held up to the light. You would be surprised at how many I find, just laying on the ground, people do not realize it is glass, especially with the brown. The yellow glass was a rare find for me.


Julie Fukuda said...

Take it easy and get better. I love the finds and your stitchery too.

Carole said...

Your pillow is lovely! Cheers!

Allie-oops Designs said...

I LOVE that little stitchery! I hope she puts it up for sale on her website. I'm working on a couple of hers right now. Great finds - hope you're feeling better hon!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a haul!

Sandi said...

What a stash of beach treasures, I see some wonderful art on the horizon being created with them.

Great sachet pillow finish, another lovely design!

Carol S. said...

I hope you're feeling better! That sachet is so sweet and your stitching is amazing. Looks like a great gathering of beach treasures!