Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Finish!

I hope everyone is safe and warm at home, with the weather that is hitting the east coast. We have horrible winds, my grill went flying across the porch and later I saw our wheelbarrow go up and over, so a good day to stay in. I decided to post early, just in case the power goes out, so far, so good.

With the nicer weather, I decided it was time to start painting rocks. I love leaving a few when we go out for walks. This time I made some simple bunnies. I like doing designs that make people smile and I am hoping, these will do the trick. I don't have as much control with my arm, but I didn't do too bad with that and my blurry vision, lol. If you would like to join in on leaving rocks or art items for others to find and spread the smiles, you can visit my group on Facebook, DSmiles4miles.

It doesn't have to be items that you leave anonymously, you can also bring smiles to those in nursing homes or hospitals with a gift of time.

We did have some wonderful weather this week, perfect for getting out to the local beaches and beach combing. The first day I found the most, I guess no one has been on the dog beach all winter.The large green piece on the bottom is the bottom part of a bottle bottom, our biggest find yet.

Of course Bean loved getting out and he even found a new friend. Someone as hyper as he is.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Saundra said...

Your bunny rocks ROCK!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your bunny rocks are too cute!

sandi s said...

I love your bunnies!!! They do make a person smile. I love the other rocks I’ve seen you do. Hugs,

Kate said...

I surely do like your bunnies, Debbie. :)
So nice to see pix of Bean and his pal.
Have a swell weekend.

acorn hollow said...

cute rocks. and so fun Bean found a friend

Karen said...

I saw footage on the news last night of what the storm was doing to the northeast. Not fun!

Thorough Lad said...

On our visit to this place, we mostly stayed downstairs, where the beer and liquor selection was quite admirable. The staff at Los Angeles event venues really pride themselves on the beers and food they have.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Those bunny rocks are awesome!!!

Daffycat said...

I love that Bean has a new pal! My BC Molly had an injury and is wearing a cone and can have NO TOYS for another week and a half! With the tranquilizers, we’ve been pretty calm so far!