Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Weekend Camping!

It seems we have had bad luck when camping at the state park lately. The first thing was, I spiked a fever the day we left, the good thing was, my doc had just given me meds so I had something to take so I could enjoy our weekend. The other thing is the weather, hot one week and it dropped to the low 70's over the weekend, but the good thing was, we could go for walks and ride the bikes and it wasn't too hot.

We had a nice site, right near the water. The photo is from the phone so it is a bit warped, but the camp is a straight line down and behind on the right is where the table and fire pit was, so lots of space.

We enjoyed relaxing, took a swim and a short bike ride to test Bean out and that night we went to Quonochontaug pond to watch the sunset. We wanted to go to the ocean, but the beaches on this side do not face the sunset, so this was the perfect place to watch it. Bean got to play with Bill while I took photos, a nice end to the day.

On Sunday the kids came down. It really made my day and was wonderful to spend time with all of them and share new memories with the kids. Alex was happy to just sit and watch everyone have fun, he is such a happy baby.

Since the camp was mostly deserted, we had the little beach, all to ourselves. Everyone else sat and relaxed. My son was making faces at me.

Nick and Bean had a blast playing in the water.

And since no one took one of the rocks I left hidden in the rock, Nick found it and was thrilled to have something fun to take to school for show and tell on the first day. Someone actually found them, and took the whale, but left the alligator in the tree. I was worried someone might walk under it and get knocked in the head, lol. So I put it back and it was still there when Nick came to the beach.

After dinner, Nick and I went for a paddle.

Then we all went for a walk around camp, while Nick rode his bike. He loved being able to ride on the roads.

To end the night, we watched the sunset. Love this photo of Ivy kissing Alex. I had to lighten it since they were so dark. I would like to play with it more in photoshop and maybe do a framed photo for her.

On Sunday we went and got coffee, then enjoyed it at Quonochontaug beach. It was more crowded than I expected, but with low tide, we walked down to the point and had a nice spot for Bean to play. I had planned on paddling but it was windy and I had my play boat, which is too hard to paddle in wind when I am not up to par.

Since it was too cool to swim and too windy to paddle, we enjoyed biking around the campground. Bean is ok in the carriage, but not thrilled with being stuck inside. I think we need to make a more padded bottom, the bumps can be a bit rough. We rested and let Bean play in the water and he made some friends who were happy to play with him, so it was a nice end to our long weekend. Today I crashed, the meds are really kicking in, so mostly resting today. Now to get the rest of the rocks painted and get ready for our next trip. So far it looks like it is going back into the 80's, perfect weather for the ocean and perfect time after the crowds are gone.


Kate said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Debbie. Your photos are wonderful and I especially like the one of Nick and Bean and Ivy and Alex. Take care.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So many great pictures, but that picture of Ivy and Alex is just beautiful.

Sandi said...

You got some wonderful photos Debbie. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling up to par but glad you had meds to help out. I'd love some cooler temps, we've been breaking records again without any breezes and smoke coming up from Washington, Oregon and even California fires!

Hope sleeping in your own bed helps to get you back on track.

acorn hollow said...

It sounds and looks like you had a great time.
Beautiful pictures as always
hope you feel better soon

gracie said...

The pictures are wonderful and it sure sounds and looks like everyone had a great time. Thank you for sharing.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Looks so fun - love the pics of the kids, and Bean jumping, what a crazy dog he is, lol!!! He's so entertaining!

Fiona said...

what a great weekend... looks like the little boys really enjoy the outdoors time... lovely photo's too...

Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for taking us along with those wonderful pictures. The boys are just darling and Bean looks as though he enjoyed that weekend as much as everyone else.

Jennie in GA said...

You certainly had an active weekend. Would never guess you weren't up to par. Love all of your pics, especially those of Bean!!