Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Fun and Sneak Peak!

This weekend Bill had to work on day but we were able to get out Sunday and enjoy some time at the beach. We went later in the day since it is usually too crowded on Sundays and it worked since they had people leaving as we came in and spots were opening up.

This beach is called Charlestown Breachway. The area is popular with fishermen and has a state camping area which is more like a giant parking lot, filled with trailers. It might be nice off season but being on top of each other, is a bit much for me. They reserve one section for parking and we were able to get one right at the entrance to the dunes.

It was a bit crowded but near the breachway there were more open spaces, so that looked good to me. You can see where the people have set up and it continues with people packed together further down the beach.

To the right is the breachway, less people on this side.

And I realized why this section wasn't crowded, the waves are much higher and stronger. With the tide coming in, the waves were crashing down and it made it hard to get in and out.

And this is why they crash down, you can see the drop off. I finally got in when their was a lull in the big waves, I hit a nice large rolling set but it took a lot of back paddling with my hands to hold my ground and not getting pulled out.

I took a walk to the breakers, I love watching the force of the water as it comes in. It is not something I would paddle in. To the right is the area where we come in with the kayaks, there is a calm inlet that we can land at. The beach on the other side is East Beach, we swam there a few weeks ago.

It was fun to try a new beach, but I think this one was a bit rough for me and made it hard to relax and swim in the water. But it was fun too, maybe I will try it at low tide.

This week I started a new punch needle design. It is something I have had in my head and decided to draw out the design and now I am working on that. Hopefully it will be done friday, I am taking my time and making sure I like how it is coming out, one that I change if I don't like a choice, but I am also using dmc so my colors are limited to what I have in my mind. I like to do my designs with floss that anyone can get, so hopefully it will come out nicely.

Can you guess what I am working on? It has a few elements in it, here is a sneak peak at a part of it.


acorn hollow said...

Must be a light house. The water is so cold so good for you for swimming in the ocean.
It looks wonderful.

Saundra said...

Wish my needlepunch was so neat. But then it has been so long since I did any punching can hardly remember what it looked like.

Kate said...

Debbie, those waves look like fun!

kelley said...

you and Bill go on the best day trips...your water pics always brighten my day...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Thanks for sharing the ocean with's something I rarely see... But, wouldn't catch me going CLOSE to those waves LOL (crows don't swim very well.... ;o) ) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin