Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday not-Finish!

I have been working all week on my new piece and as I worked it, colors were not working with each other. Some were too bold, some are too close in hue, so they got lost. So, I started changing colors and changing colors, over and over and now the backing is getting to the point where they threads are not holding properly, so I think I am going to have to start over.

I made it larger and used 6 strands, so I may reduce it and use a mix of 6 and 3 strand, as well as valdani where I can. I had an idea in my head and it just isn't working the way I wanted. The original sea was a mix of blues and greens, a nice look but the colors around it got lost, so it is a choice of changing the sea to a lighter color or making items like the fence a lighter color to go against the darker sea. The cliff is a mess now, I was trying to outline with a black and lost track of where the rocks had crevices, so it is a mess now.

This is how it looks now, I might save this and use some art pens to add some detail and fix things, then I can give it to someone who doesn't care if it is perfect, lol. I also plan on making it into a nautical pillow with a saying and a matching stitchery, wall hanging, so it will be another week to work it all up and get the pattern ready.

Another thing is the position, I think I like the back better, going the other way, just seems to work better but I may change a few things, so I better get to work. Bill has to work the weekend, so I can work on the pieces, though I rather be at the beach;)

The design is called Sailor's Sanctuary and will include a saying.

I decided to give up this afternoon, it was making me nuts, the new changes looked horrible with the light sea, it does have to all come out and I don't know if the backing can take it. So, what to do instead, organize my floss. It is a mess, I have to use floss with numbers for the color charts which usually means new floss and then I make more mess with lose floss, so time to organize it and keep it organized so I can use what I have.

I used card stock and cut strips with my paper cutter. I wrote the numbers on ones I had and the others can go into a hit or miss project. I cut a little slit on the side and top so I could keep the threads from coming lose. For now it is in a box, then I can put it in a more organized box by colors. Easy way to store the thread and a lot cheaper than buying floss cards.

And for fun, here is Izzy, Bald but Beautiful, haha. She is such a conceited cat. The good thing is, she has not puked since she got the cut, so it is well worth it. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will take it easy and work on the stitchery and give my brain a break as I work out the details to better my design, maybe it is time to use my watercolors to do designs first, so I can make better color choices.


Sandi said...

Your piece looks lovely Debbie, from your description I thought it would be much different. But you have a vision and you should stick to the idea, food luck, look forward to seeing the next version,

Nancy said...

I know just what you mean about having an image in your mind that doesn't fix itself on fabric or with thread. It's a little frustrating for me. I think what you've got looks great, though.
--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Sue said...

Love the design. Don't be so hard on your self. Maybe make a new one and compare. I know I struggle with projects and I am not the designer!

Karen said...

I know you are not completely pleased with the seaside piece but it looks absolutely wonderful to me. Is this for yor beachy style room?

moosecraft said...

OMG! Izzy looks so cute "bald"!!! :-) Love your latest punchneedle piece... it certainly says New England Summer!

TheCrankyCrow said... thinks you are definitely too hard on yourself.... As I was reading the post, I kept looking at the photo of the piece thinking "she's not talking about this, is she?" and even when I was all the way through the post and realized, yes, you must me and enlarged the photo of the piece, I'm still thinking that.... Ok...I sorta follow that the water might get a bit lost when you look at it closely...but isn't that what water does in the distance??? I think it is a great piece.... Anywho...that's probably why I am NOT a designer. ;o) Awww...your Izzy is beautiful...bald or not....She obviously loves and trusts you dearly to lay like that for you..... Enjoy your weekend...even if you're not at the beach...It's rainy, cold and frightfully dreary here. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Saundra said...

I don't see anything wrong with your wonderful punched piece. You are too critical for yourself. Cannot believe that your cat would allow someone to trim her. My previous cats would have to be sedated to do that.

Fiona said...

I thought the piece looked lovely. I do know that we need to like the piece ourselves in the end though...

Julie Fukuda said...

I agree with all of the above. I really think it looks great. ... and I am smiling to see your thread. Last week I got out my tin of embroidery thread to work on the banner and it was a big tangled mess. By the time I finished up I had done exactly the same thing as you... Great minds think alike. It is also true that I was not completely satisfied with the banner either. Maybe we both have to sit back and take a deep breath.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I think we are all too hard on ourselves and you are up there with the!
I agree with the others and think it looks just fine, but if you are not happy, best to change it or you will always regret that you did not.
I think Izzy is proud of her new look.
Hugs :)

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh boy have I been there and done that. But Debbie, honestly, I LOVE it. That is a brilliant design! Makes me wish I could have gotten the hang of needle punch before I lost interest.