Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday this and that!

Not a lot this weekend, it was overcast and with threat of storms, we didn't want to go out in the kayaks and get stuck in a storm. The good thing was that they air was cooler so we were able to get out for some fun time.

I also worked in my garden and now I need to figure out how to design it. This is the basic layout, I put the fence there for now, but that will go. I planted flowering bushes in the back and will line the outer edges with flowers and plants and put benches on each end. Bill is going to make me a ladder trellis and that will go behind the garden, then I can grown flowering vines to grow over it and hang bird feeders from there. We will also be able to add some bird houses to the sides. My sister is coming up next month and wants to help, so I will hold off on some things till she gets here. I got a simple bird bath for now, but would like to make or buy a waterfall feature, so I can wait until I find or make just what I want. I used the old bath for food, since it is cracked but perfect for the birds and of course and squirrels and chipmunks are enjoying it too.

I added some mulch but have more to put in, the bags are heavy so Bill can put the rest in tomorrow. I also got some red stones that I can lay around plants or pathways on the side, still thinking about it.

On Saturday we went to the lighthouse, it was a perfect day for a walk and not too many people. Bean loves going there and loves greeting everyone we pass. I think I could sit on the rocks all day, it is just so peaceful and relaxing.

Sunday we stayed home, but I needed to get out for a bit, so the dog beach was perfect. Close by and not crowded so Bill enjoyed a swim and I walked on the beach and found some nice hearts and stones to add to my collection.

My son is still in Malaysia and sent me a few photos. This is the baptism at her parents church. I was surprised at how casual everyone was dressed. I was raised in a family where we dressed to go to church and special dresses for special occasions, and I am still that way, I wear dresses all year long and in the winter I wear fleece tights under my dress. Yes, I am old fashioned in some ways;)

I guess they had a late party for Nick so my son would celebrate with them. I have no idea what Happy Full moon means? He just sent photos, no explanation. It cost more to text from there, so he sent me a few photos and hopefully I will see more when he gets home.

I hope you all had a nice weekend and hopefully I can get myself back into sewing and doing things this week. I am on full meds again, my lyme doc wants me to stay on them longer so putting up with yeast over load again.


Sandi said...

Sounds like quite a game plan you've laid out Debbie.

I'm glad your son was at the baptism, maybe they are so casually dressed because of the summer heat and humidity?

Hope you feel better soon.

acorn hollow said...

We had pouring rain all day Saturday and Sunday was rain off and on. Your garden looks like it is going to be beautiful. It is nice your son is there for the baptism.
It looks like they are all happy and love your grandsons.

The Eveningstitcher said...

I think your garden will be lovely, and I really like that little fence...but I'm a fence nut! It's nice that your sister is coming to help you. We had a really bad storm come through here Friday did a lot of damage and some people are still without power. I have to admit, I do love a good storm...but this was a little too much!

Your son's little family is sweet, Deb..too bad they didn't live just a little closer for you to be able to spoil those little grandchildren!! Have a great day, Deb!

Fiona said...

your garden is going to be great once all the plants grow where you want them... sweet to see the party pictures and lovely for that side of the family to have them there...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your garden is coming along nicely!
Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm sure you are anxious to meet your new grandbaby and to hug Nick again.
Hugs :)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Oh my goodness I have been gone from blogland too long! Congratulations on the new grandbaby! My goodness Nick has grown so much! Your little family is certainly growing and are so sweet.
Your garden looks so nice and of course all your projects are just wonderful!

Allie-oops Designs said...

I like the basic layout for the garden. I think it's going to be a beautiful, calming spot. Love the pics of the water - I haven't made it to the beach yet this summer - I'm missing it SO much.
Most churches are rather casual anymore - I never wear dresses, because I can't wear dress shoes. My "high heel" tennis shoes are all I can walk in. I picked a church where folks didn't look at my feet and make a face, lol. I dress nice, not jeans, but so many do. I don't think it makes a difference - after all, we'll all be wearing white robes someday! That's nice that they made sure your son could be there to celebrate too.

Hope you're feeling better soon Debbie - no fun.