Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Stitcheries!

With the holiday weekend, I didn't have time to do too many things in the sewing room, so I made up a couple of small stitcheries that I can add to my Christmas box.

They are designs from the Kindred Spirit Christmas book. I didn't finish them off since I just finished them today, but I love the tree piece for a balsam pillow, so I will probably make the pillow, but wait till next year to stuff it so I can use fresh balsam. I think it would be fun to get more prim buttons and maybe try some mini bells instead of the bright buttons. The angel may become a mini quilt. I like the idea of making mini's that I can fit in a small envelope and send as a gift.

No walnut stain on these, the backing is tea stained muslin, so I will probably leave these alone.

Yesterday we had my son and Nick for dinner. I was not feeling great so I took it easy and used all my energy for Nick, but it wore me out. Today was a rest day, just watching tv and a little simple stitching.

I took Nick to the playground and we even went down the slide a few times, though a kids slide is not made for a ladies rear;) He loved his knapsack filled with goodies, especially the flower lollipops. Sadly he started getting a fever before he left and tonight he is worse so my Son is taking him to the emergency room to be safe. I sure hope my sweet little guy is ok. They are leaving early tomorrow morning, so not sure how this will effect that.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Sandi said...

Great photo of Nick and his lowly, hope is is feeling better and makes the flight alright.

Love your Christmas tree and the rage Raggidy Andy angel, you are way ahead of the game!

acorn hollow said...

He is so sweet I hope he is doing well it is always hard when they get sick. I am so sorry u are not feeling well eith er.i love your new pieces you will be all set when Christmas comes

Anna Bates said...

Nick is such a cutie! love your stitcheries..especially that tree!

Kate said...

These are cute Debbie and nice to get a head start on Christmas.
I hope Nick was well enough to get on his flight. It's going to be a quiet few months for you but hopefully his mom will send you lots of pix of him.

paulette said...

Your Nick has got to be the cutest little boy EVER!! Wishing him well!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Cute cute stitcheries! I do hope Nick is ok, poor little guy.....saying prayers for him!

Fiona said...

lovely little stitcheries - they look perfect on the tea stain. I hope Nick is okay and also that you are feeling a bit better

moosecraft said...

Aww... poor Nick! I hope he is feeling better! He's such a heart melter when he is smiling! :-)
Cute stitcheries! Great way to keep the hands busy until we can get outside and enjoy the sun! Have a great week!

Julie Fukuda said...

The flu has been going around here. Even some schools were cancelled and the kids were told to stay at home during the break. What a shame Nick had to leave while feeling poorly. The picture is darling and the little book will be fun for him to look at.

Jacque. said...

Hey Debbie...ohhhh, I hope Nicholas is feeling better! He is adorable, by the way. So happy that you have time with him. Your little stitched pieces are wonderful, as always. Feel better!