Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Finish!

Another week come and gone, seems time flies by lately and there is never enough time in the day to get it all done. I was able to make a new piece from a free design by Cheri Saffiote. You can get some of her designs and share pieces made from her patterns on her Facebook Page.

This week I made A Tiskat a Tasket. The original pattern is a stitchery pillow but I wanted to do the baskets in wool. Of course I add to change a few other items and the type of stitchery and then I went with a new saying on mine. I love doing patterns that you can change up to fit your own likes.

This is going on my wall for a spring piece, love how it came out.

I also finished Nick's photo album. The booklet might be a card holder, not really sure but the slots are smaller. I liked it because it was real leather, so soft and thin enough to put in his bag and only three dollars. Here are a few photos, great idea for a child's picture book, especially for Grandparents who are far away.

I decided to use my card stock for the photos, it was easier and stiff enough to fit in the slots.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Easter with their family. I am still trying to figure out dinner, Bill is coughing again, so I may go simple and do shish kabobs. I took a photo of Danielle's gravesite. We got her a Hydrangea bush for Easter and planted it next to the stone, leaving room for growth. I used that to make up a photo for her page and thought I would share it here.

May this Easter bring Joy and Blessings to you and your families.


Tammy Franck said...

Love your new baskets stitchery! Perfect!! Love hydrangeas. Look beautiful by the gravestone. <3

Sandi said...

Your wool interpretation of Cheri's stitchery pattern is wonderful, I've been planning a similar idea and glad see how yours worked out.

I'm working on a couple Spring/Easter ideas based on Cheri's designs and hope to have them finished soon.

The photo of Danielle's grave is lovely and peaceful.. Have a lovely Easter Debbie.

Kate said...

Your wall hanging is beautiful, Debbie! It's a beautiful photo that you posted to Danielle's page. I think Nick is going to miss his grandparents and Bean very much while he's away - the photo album you've made will help him remember you.
Have a nice Easter. k

Saundra said...

Time might be flying by fast but you sure do post more finishes in a week's time than I do. Happy Easter to you as well.

sunny said...

Love your little baskets! Happy Easter to you.

paulette said...

I love your woolie baskets and hope to make a similar one...thanks to YOU! Such inspiration! Nick's photo album is a brilliant idea. He can carry you around in his backpack!! What a lovely headstone and grave tranquil and peaceful. Have a wonderful Easter and all the best!

barb said...

I love the angel. So sorry Nick is leaving for a while.
Happy Easter
Barbara R

Rugs and Pugs said...

May Danielle's hydrangea bring you comfort. A beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter.
Happy Easter.

Karen said...

You certainly have a way with taking a design and creating something special with it.

kelley said...

Wonderful book of photos for sure he will enjoy looking at them while he is your basket piece, on my long to do list...Danielle's headstone is always so beautiful, love the photo of her in this image...hugs

Fiona said...

your little baskets are adorable and great little album for little hands... such wonderful memories. The hydrangea looks perfect next to the stone and that's a lovely picture you have made up. very special and memories of a different kind being kept which is so important... a big hug for you..

Allie-oops Designs said...

I love that Tisket a Tasket pattern - your little quilt looks wonderful! And that booklet for Nick is perfect. I think it was very smart to use cardstock, they'll hold up to handling. The picture for Danielle is just stunning, Debbie. Big hugs, my dear!