Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Foibles!

You know what they say about the best laid plans, that was how my week went. I think I have the after Christmas shut down, I just need to rest a bit and gather my senses and then I can tackle things again.

I had planned on posting a freebie but the pieces are unfinished. I took my machine in and I cannot get my little one to work right, it keeps nesting on me, so I am hoping I can get it figured out and have the pieces ready for Monday's posts.

Today I also wanted to ask a question. I ordered a rug and it came in today. I got it from Overstock and wondering how others like buying from them, this is my first experience. I love the rug, much nicer than I expected and nothing wrong with it but.. It smells musty. It came wrapped in a ton of plastic wrapping with the original wrapping and I think it has been sitting this way in a warehouse for a while, so moisture probably got into it. It this normal for shipped rugs? I usually get them at the store, but needed a longer one for my hallway. I wanted to get other's opinions before I order any rugs online, again.

One of the things I wanted to do was to redo my sewing room. I moved everything around and all I did was make more of a mess, it was better the way it was, lol. Now I need to rethink it and clean up the mess I made. I am decluttering and putting things in boxes that I don't use as much so I have more room to work and less cutter on the tables.

This is my disaster today. I used my phone so I could use the panorama so the room looks distorted.

I did find a nice table for my beach room. I was going to redo one of mine, but I decided to keep that one for wood work and get a smaller one to use as a desk for painting smaller items or boxes. Now I need to find a chair to go with it. I think a thrift store should have something I can use for it, or maybe a simple, small beach bench style.

And here is a panorama of the room, it is a work in progress. I plan on painting a scene on the far wall and I still have a wall that you cannot see. I am thinking I might just put my new quilting machine in this room, then I can keep my sewing room less cluttered. I am still looking for the perfect rug. I want it to fit the beach theme but by colors or something fun and artsy to put a pop of color in. It will be fun making some small art quilts to add to the walls.

This looks off since I panned around the room on three sides, and the walls look spotty, but that is because the nautical lamp throws off shadows with the cut glass.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, rain here and Nick is coming to hang out with me tomorrow. Hopefully I will have something fun you can make, ready for my Monday post.


Saundra said...

Will be interesting to see your mural when you decide to do it. Nice table and love those rope handles.

kelley said...

I've never ordered a rug online...though the new LL Bean catalog has one called Beach Glass and it would be perfect for your room...great new table...ha! my sewing room has been work in progress for feels so good to get rid of things when you know someone else can/will use it...the older I get the more selective I am about what is worth my time creating...your beach room is coming along nicely...hugs

Rugs and Pugs said...

A room always gets worse before it gets better. The sewing room will be great when you get it done!
Love the new table for your beach room. Just perfect.
Not ordered a rug online so I'm not help there.
Hugs :)

Sandi said...

Your new desk and drawers on it look interesting Debbie, love the weathered look to it. Can't wait to see how the Rome evolves. I'm sure a lot of creativity will evolve in it and your sewing room.

When I get nesting happen with my machine I clean my bobbin case and rethread everything. Hope you get it working soon. Oh and make sure your upper thread clicks into the tension.

Fiona said...

your beach table is a great find

Colleen said...

Looks great! I could lounge in that lounger all day!

Kim said...

It looks great and that table is incredible. I'm sure you will find a great rustic bench to go with it. And you can hook a rug for the bench seat

Karen said...

I like the rope handles on the table. Really fits the theme of a beach like look.

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful canvas you have to work with there...and I can only dream of what it might be like to create there... Hmmmm...some day I hope to have some "space." We did gain a new room in the basement when we added on last year...I claimed it as my "craft room"... It is, at this time, filled will boxes of my holiday decorations and miscellaneous JUNK that had to be moved from other rooms when The Great Flood happened and the flooring had to be redone down there. Still working on trying to get things in some kind of order.... Like Lauren said, a room always gets worse before it gets better... Can't wait to see the end result! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

acorn hollow said...

I am sure you will just love it when it is done you have chosen such nice pieces and have such nice ideas. Can't help you with the rug never ordered one.

moosecraft said...

Love the wainscotting in both of these rooms! The hooked rugs (i think) on either side of the windows in your sewing room are beautiful! Nice table too!

Miccosukee said...

Debbie, I am so jealous of all the room you have to work within. Most of us have to grab any little corner we have. Will love to see your room in a couple of months once you put your special touches on it. I assume that Bean will have his own spot in it so he doesn't decide to claim one of your rugs.

My Mom taught all of us girls how to sew and each of us bought our own black Singers to take when we left home. But I never heard her talk to us about our machines "nesting" on us. Since she was also a costume designer, she dealt with a lot of different sewing. Can I use one of my "Seenager Moment" cards to ask?

taylorsoutback said...

Am enjoying visiting your blog and reading recent posts. Love the little punch needle hearts - a technique I have not tried yet. Saw your reference to ordering rugs from Overstock. A few months ago we ordered 2 area rugs from them. I did detect an mild odor when first opening but it has totally disappeared. We think it simply came from the natural fibers used in the weave. My only concern is that one corner of the 9 x 12 wants to curl up. Will be applying a gripper type tape to see if that helps. I like ordering online because we live in a rural area with few options. Just my own personal experience.
Happy stitching.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Okay now I get what you mean. You have a lot of heavy furniture pieces full of stuff to move in your sewing room. That is a lot of work. You will get it right sooner or later. Love the beach room.
I can see sitting on that comfy chair/lounge and relaxing with a book and some beachy music in there. Love the desk.