Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Finishes and Weekend Fun!

I wanted to make more pillows and something a bit quicker, so I made printable fabric pillows. I found some free graphics on the internet and printed them out with the printer fabric. I use the June Tailor, washable and colorfast. I heat set them, then rinse in cool water and heat set them again. Not really sure if they are waterproof or washable and I do notice they tend to run with the red ink. After I rinse them, I blot them with a paper towel and that keeps the reds from running too much.

I made the mistake of using a higher resolution on the small pillows, that is why they are smaller. I forgot to change the size to compensate for the resolution. The wagon pillows are done at the lower resolution so they came out the right size. I like the smaller pillows too, they could also work as tree ornaments and if you don't have a real tree, the scent of pine would be nice on the tree.

The thing I don't like is, the fabric is stiff so I had to cut an opening in the back to fill them, that is a pain in the neck. With balsam, it is easier to pour it into the bottom, then sew them closed. I also have to stitch them up and cover the ugly opening I made, so an extra step. It is a nice way to make fun pillows though, and there are lots of free graphics on the internet.

I had Nicholas this weekend so I gave him his new creche to play with. He loves to play with the figures and the start lights and plays Away in a manger, so we heard that a lot, throughout the day.

Sunday he decide he did not want Mommy to leave, so it took me awhile to calm him down, but once he did, he was fine. I decided he needed a table so he had a place to play and a place to eat. He loved the table and played on it all day and loved eating like a big boy.

I guess I will not be online till after Thanksgiving. The kids are coming to our house, after all, so I will be busy cleaning and planning the meal, I have two more days, ugh. I always work better under pressure;) I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with family and good food.

This is an old photo from a Thanksgiving at Waterville Valley in NH. They had santa come in on a dog sled and fireworks at night. The holidays will be hard, but I will treasure the memories.


Rugs and Pugs said...

What a sweet picture of DD & DS. I know it will be hard, but hopefully Nick can help ease the pain. He is just too darn cute.
I don't have to cook T'giving day, but with family coming in, I will need to cook other days. Thankfully I at least have Wednesday off.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Allie-oops Designs said...

Those pillows are just GORGEOUS. The last quilt market I went to had stuff like that printed on silk - wow was it expensive. Not made into anything, either. Just the printed fabric.

Nick is too cute for words. He looks quite content at his table!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Debbie, I know it will be terribly bittersweet for you...I'm praying for you.

Kate said...

Have a nice Thanksgiving, Debbie. It will be difficult but you'll manage. Hugs.

acorn hollow said...

Have a nice thanksgiving enjoy that baby. Your pillows are just darling.

Saundra said...

Your grandson is adorable and quite comfy at his table. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sandi said...

You can see a resemblance between Nick and his dad. Wonderful pictures to keep special memories close to you.

Your pillows look lovely, I love the different sizes.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, mine is a distant memory from last month.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have no experience with the picture process. My son made me a T-shirt with a picture made by my grandson ... long ago when he was still quite young. I think he took a photo or scanned the picture but I think it was then ironed on the shirt. It still looks as it did and has been worn and washed many times. I think the techniques have gotten better over the years. Stiff or not, your little pillows look great.
My daughter can't come this year for Thanksgivinq so we will probably wait until Christmas to buy a turkey. Holidays always hold lots of memories. It is good to have pictures to bring them back. Take lots this time too.

Miccosukee said...

Enjoy your family and friends over the holidays. We will still be here when you can take a breath after all the excitement.