Monday, August 17, 2015

Short Camping trip!

We went camping this weekend, but it did not turn out as expected, that seems to happen a lot;)
It was hot and bad air quality so anything I did, tired me out, twice as fast. When ever it got too much, I dunked back into the water but the air quality wasn't helping and it didn't let up until 11 at night.

Then the Carbon alarm went off, for no reason, so Bill snipped the wires, not sure if that was smart, but it shut it up. Then Bean was acting up, he is out of the cage now and fine at home, but first time in the trailer so he wanted back out. Then the battery died and Bill who has no sense, tries to figure it out at 3 in the morning and bangs inside and out for an hour, so I got no sleep and we went home that morning.

I have learned, not to camp at state parks on hot days. I can live with mishaps and make do when I have to, but I cannot be outside on bad air days, because of my bad heart valve. But I did get to have some fun with Bean and enjoy some time in the water. Bean and I walked along the shoreline, it is shadier under the trees and I wear my kayak boots so I can walk through the mucky areas.

Bill played with Bean while I paddled around the coves. The little kayak is great for skirting around the rocky areas and I don't have to worry about bumping into rocks. The seagulls love this area, there are lots of small fish in the coves.

Since it was so  hot, we went for a ride after dinner to watch the sunset from the ocean. I looked up the closest Dunkin Donuts for coffee and told Bill where it was and he drove right by, errr. Then we had to go to the next one and that took longer and we had to go to a different beach area. We found out, there was no beach area to park and it was crowded with people staying in the nearby hotels and cottages, so I took shots from the car window.

I decided to cancel the next trip to the park, it was on weekdays and since I am a glutton for punishment, I made a reservation at a campground in NH for after labor day. It is on the water, has a deck with table and grill, full hookups and a large dog play area and swimming beach, as well as dog sitting. Sounds perfect, but we all know how my perfect vacations go, lol.

This is the photo they show, where I reserved a deluxe site, I am sure they vary in size and type, but ours will have a deck with grill and tables, like this one. Who knows what adventures we will have up there, hopefully none that involve bears;) The reason we picked this place was, it has a large dog play area, a dog swimming beach and dog sitting, the perfect place for Bean and for us if we want to do something that doesn't allow dogs. It will depend on the weather, if it is warm, we may go kayaking, if it is cooler, we will do short hikes where there area waterfalls.


Rugs and Pugs said...

So sorry your trip did not work out as planned.
Your September trip sounds heavenly and I hope it works out perfectly.
Hugs :)

marie said...

The campsite in NH sounds wonderful. Hope it is all that it says. Why is air quality bad----are you having forest fires like we are in OR? We have 11 big fires, but thankfully none near me. Smokey the Bear has his sign out and our area is HIGH Level 2 (bad). We are to be 98 tomorrow. I am ready for fall now.

usagypsy said...

I was going to say you need power for your camper. I'm all about glamping:) AC is a must in these hot tin cans. You and Bean will be much more comfortable. If your having battery problems that can make your detector go off. I'm still not sure if those darn things are put in for safety or insanity! Happy Camping :)

Karen said...

Too bad your camping adventure went sour but it made for a good story to read about.

Saundra said...

Bummer you had a bad experience with so many mishaps. You captured a beautiful sunset.

Monique said...

Wonderful place!

Sandi said...

Sometimes the best choice you made...head home and plan another getaway.

Hopefully the next one will be a great improvement. May you have cooler weather and great positive adventures for the next trip.

Nancy in MT said...

Sounds like all of you, even the pup got some what irritable in the heat. Best of luck on your next outing and you definitely need a full hook up with that type of trailer.

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, that last photo looks like an incredibly inviting place to be! I hope you have a wonderful time - so wonderful that it makes up for the recent disappointing trips! Try to stay cool. It looks like we're in this muggy, humid air mass for the next several days at least.