Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Happenings!

I had lots of plans for this weekend, nothing got done but I guess I am learning to adapt since life is always changing and I have no control over it;)

My son decided to have a get together at his house, it is Nicholas', my Daughter in Law's and my husband's birthday this week. The last plan was to have it next weekend at my house for family and our friends, then another in June for Nicholas at their house.

So, Bill and I ran out and bought Nicholas a present. We got my Daughter in law a plant for the porch and also my son graduated from college this week, so we gave him money to use for a dinner out, for the two of them.

I went to the store, thinking about getting an electronic reader, but we passed the Thomas the Train section and Nicholas loves Thomas. Once I saw the ride on train, I knew I had to get it and knew how excited he would be and how he would love to ride on it.

They got the train out and let him ride it without the tracks so it wouldn't take up the room and he loved his train. The bad thing was, it was too slow for him and he kept pushing himself forward and grinding on the motor. Also notice the box photo and the train, no Thomas the train face, duh, I got the wrong one. We let him play a while and then packed it up and took it back today, definitely not the best train for a child who likes speed. We also found out that it was actually a get together, not the actual party, so we will go back to our idea of starting a college fun in Danielle's name and just get a small present to go with it. I should have known to double check, men are not good at relaying information and getting it accurately;)

I am working on a couple of stitcheries, one is a piece I started last month and couldn't use, so remaking it as a gift for Danielle's friend, who has lost two family members this year. Hopefully I will have it finished by Friday.


Jacque. said...

Nicholas is getting so big!

acorn hollow said...

your grandson is so cute. My grand daughter is in love with Thomas the train.

Kate said...

Nicholas is getting so big!! Hugs.

paulette said...

What a cutie! NOW that was a fast TWO years!