Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Finish, Finds and Friends!

I have been wanting to try a card holder with needle felting and I finally took the plunge. I found an angel picture that I liked and it was good for a practice piece. There are some parts I like, and others I don't, but I am learning and maybe someday I can make something that looks more like a watercolor picture with roving. A friend sent me yellow locks, so it was perfect for the angel's hair and fun to use.
I also used a wool yarn for some detail and some fell out, so I added stitching, next time I will use roving for shadowing. I used felt for the backing, next time I will go with wool and hopefully get a better wet felting technique.

The inside has two sleeves that are the perfect size for the memorial cards. Maybe I will try a case for sunglasses or a cell phone. The photo makes things brighter and stand out more, it is more blended in person.

Two of Danielle's friends had a friend make me a gift and one of the girls lives down the road, so she came over and gave it to me this week. She lost her dad recently and has been going through a lot herself, so it was nice to have someone who understands and someone I can help too.  It really brings me comfort and a special gift from her friends. I think I will do up the poem with a stairway to heaven, in script, to hang along side.

I also went shopping this week, I love thrift stores. I found two block pattern kits, with the material still in them, so those will be fun to try and practice fusible machine quilting on. I also like to look at the skirts, and found two nice ones. one I can over dye and the other has beautiful shades in it, so I can use it as is.

I appreciate all of the good wishes and prayers. I can't always reply to all of them and some are no reply, and I wish I could answer those too. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Bobbie said...

I love the card holder, Deb...and the picture is just beautiful...It will look lovely with the poem beside it and
I love your thrift store finds. Sometimes I get lucky but I never find any wool skirts anymore.

usagypsy said...

Your card holder is so pretty! I've tried needle felting and it takes lots of patience. And in my case lots of bandaids:)

Allie said...

Oh sweetie your angel is just brilliant - love her so much - and that gift from her friends is gorgeous and so thoughtful!!

Jacqueline said...

Your card holder turned out great. And what a find at the thrift shop.

Karen said...

I have never purchased a Maggie Walker pattern. They are quite detailed. Your cat block kits was a good find.

Your angel is so very sweet.

Sandi said...

Nicely done on the angel.

What a lovely painting to receive from your daughters friends.

acorn hollow said...

your angel is so darling and that painting is such a thoughtful gift.
thinking of you

Fiona said...

the card holder is lovely, you are clever with these things... and what a lovely painting for you... lovely gift. great buys at the thrift store

Nancy in MT said...

The card holder is perfect, the angel looks like your daughter.