Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Finishes!

This weekend I was able to try some projects and spend time relaxing. Nothing like another snow storm to keep my in the house and with Bill home, I had someone to play with Bean so I could get things done.

I had received a notice about a sew in to make pillows and bags for breast cancer patients. The pillows are to hold under their arms to reduce pressure and upside down, work as a cushion so they can use a seat belt. The bag is to hold and hide the drainage bag. I love the idea of helping woman who are going through  tough time and if you are interested in helping others, you can visit Jennifer's Facebook page for contact information, or email me and I will be happy to send you the pdf file, with the patterns and information.

I am not happy with my sewing skills, I measure and leave the correct seam allowance and still get the wrong size. I also think I made too big of an opening. The bag is the wrong size, I am short 1/4" on both sides, so I need to practice on some other fabric till I get it right;) I did mine with an inner lining and I am still thinking about how to attach the handle so it looks nice.

The beautiful cat fabric is a gift from Marylou Weidman. I thought it would be nice to pay it forward by using it to make some fun pillows and bags and I have more prints that she gave me.

Another piece I finished was the free design offered by Cheri Saffiote for the Buttermilk Basin Spring Blog Hop. I love Stacy's hops and all of the wonderful artists who offer free designs for us, to use. I made mine into a pillow and antiqued it, it was a fun project to do. Today there is a stichery and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I love your applique finish. You sure stitched that in a big hurry. I thought I was doing good by just saving the!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

What a great idea for the pillow and bag for ladies going through breast cancer - I remember using something similar 16 years ago, only mine were nowhere near as pretty! Also love your woollen pillow - I love that type of project
Julia xxx

cucki said...

Beautiful applique finish my dear..
Sweet hugs x

acorn hollow said...

Just great you are always so busy creating.
and what a wonderful charity

Kate said...

Love your applique, Debbie.

Anna said...

when I was still working we would pass out those pillows to our surgical patients and they were so touched. You are an angel!

annie said...

How very kind of you!

I love the pattern and the outcome!

Karen said...

You made Cheri's design fast! All I have done is print it out.

My husband had one of the heart shape pillows when he had his heart surgery. A red one.

Saundra said...

Very pretty fabric design for the heart and you are very sweet to have made them. Nice applique too.

Rain last night helped melt a little of the snow but we are to get yet another round later this week I think.

Allie said...

Those turned out really nice and I love the fabric!! That pillow sure is cute!