Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Wreath!

I finished making the wreath with the fabrics I showed you, then I had to decide how to decorate it. I decided to go with a vintage Easter pillow, but it didn't work out like I wanted. I used the print and press and a design that I found at Graphics Fairy. She has a lot of wonderful vintage designs that you can use for printing and making into decorations for your home.

The first design was ruined, not sure what happened, but it did not peel off properly and half the design was ruined, so I made another. I made another that worked this time, I pressed harder on the floor and I think that helped. I thought the design was large enough but once I set it inside the wreath it didn't fit snuggly, which I wanted so it would stay put.

I put the pillow on the wreath and added some flowers to show how the wreath looks. I am thinking that I may make a large sitting bird for it, what do you think would look nice on it? I wanted to do something for Easter, than change that out for spring so I could use it longer. Another idea I had was to print out vintage ornaments and tie them around the wreath.

I have it here on a wall, once I finish it, I will hang it on the front door.

Our house is full of the flu, my daughter had it, gave it to me and now my husband has it, so hopefully this will be the last one for the season. One thing that is nice when you are sick is to have wonderful friends who think of you and send surprises in the mail. It really made my days to have some wonderful new things that I can work with to make new creations with. It warms my heart to know my friends are thinking of me.

I have been practicing with my needle felting but realized I don't have many colors for animals, or fun colors for other projects. My friend Laurie spins her own yarns and uses roving and sent me some unspun rovings from her stash and a lot of her hand dyed, so I will be able to make some new critters now. The funny thing is, something she uses in the roving is something that makes Moki crazy, I found him and the box on the floor and he was rolling around in it, lol. It is now safely locked away from him.

There is roving under the roving, a whole box full. This will keep me busy for a long time.

 Today I received another package from my friend Mary. She knows I love to work with wool and had a pattern and wool kit that she was not going to use, so she passed it along to me. Not only was I surprised by such a wonderful gift but it is the same pattern and kit that I saw the other day and wanted to make, so I was thrilled.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Firecracker Kid said...

Ooh, pretty wreath. I love making those. Hmmm, maybe some of those little plastic Easter eggs added would look nice?
I see several animals you could make with your "Moki madness" rovings.
Sending well wishes for your family.

Jacque. said...

Debbie...I sure hope that the sickness leaves your house soon! Enough is enough, hey? Pretty wreath! It is much fun to receive packages in the mail.

Saundra said...

Great job on the wreath! Please show us your needle felted critters. I've done very little needle felting but do have the needles and some roving...not a lot but some. Maybe yours will inspire me to try a little sump'm sump'm too.


moosecraft said...

Your wreath is wonderful! Reminds me of a field of daffodils! Enjoy stitching on your new woolie project!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love how your wreath came out. Thanks also for showing us your dyed fabric in the previous post.
Great goodies in the mail.
I hope you are better. A nasty flu is running through our department at work. About 1/3 of the department was off sick yesterday. I hope it skips me!!!
Hugs :)

Deborah OHare said...

Your wreath is delightful :D

Karen said...

I think a prim rabbit would look good in the wreath. A long one and not a tall one.

Fiona said...

The wreath is really clever ... I like your idea of a sitting bird for it ...

jennifer768 said...

The wreath is gorgeous! Such great goodies in the mail,so sweet of your friends.Sorry that you all have not been feeling well.Be blessed,Jen

annie said...

hope all heal quickly, loved the wreath, yes, I think a bird would be lovely!