Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Stroll!

This week so many have been recovering from the recent storm and our state still has areas that have been destroyed by the forces of the waves, but it is slowly coming back. 

Today we went back to Beavertail lighthouse to see what the area looked like and to enjoy the beautiful day we were blessed with. Most of the damage has been cleaned up, there are areas with sand piles, a few with rocks littering the roads, but all in all, the area was back to normal and a lot of people were out, enjoying a sunday drive.

We always park in the last lot, nearest to the lighthouse, so we can walk along the cliff paths and enjoy the views. 

The lighthouse is at the point and you could see the damage there. A lot of rocks and shale got thrown up onto the roads and the lower area was exposed to the force of the waves at high tide. This rock pile was the site of the original lighthouse. It has been slowly eroding over the years, but the storm really took it's toll.

We walked along the road on the opposite side of the drive since the paths along the cliffs, was so bad with erosion, I didn't want to take the chance of falling down one;)

We went to the other side of the island, so we could walk along the old ruins of the forts and enjoy the views of Newport Harbor.

A view of Newport, beautiful area to visit, as well.

A lot of people were enjoying a sail while the weather was nice. How would you like to live here, could fit quite a few families in that mansion.

We ended out walk and day by standing on the cliff, next to the coves. This area is a divers mecca and we caught a few coming out from a dive. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.


marie said...

Great pictures, Debbie. Looked like a wonderful day for a stroll. A little twinge of home sickness when I saw the picture of Newport. Hope the new storm is kind to you all.

Allie said...

Looks like a beautiful day for a stroll. So glad the damage wasn't worse...

Fannie said...

Thanks for posting all those photographs, Debbie! Hope you're okay. Love lighthouses.

cucki said...

looks like a beautiful day ..
hugs xxx

paulette said...

Magnificent!! And look at that BLUE skies!! Lucky you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful pictures. Hard to believe that Sandy hit just a week ago.
Hugs :)

Beckyjean said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful evening~Becky

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Love the shot of Newport. So quaint and friendly looking.
Gorgeous views of sailboats. What a grand walk.

Firecracker Kid said...

That is such a beautiful place to live and looks rich in everything.

The Joy of Needlework said...

Hey Debbie, hows it going? Love the pictures they are so beautiful. Hugs, LenZie

Jacquelynne Steves said...

Wow what a beautiful area you live in! I'm just a teeny tiny bit jealous ;)