Monday, November 19, 2012

Hurricane Sandy...The effects continue and Giveaway!

It was a beautiful day out yesterday, so we decided to go for a walk at the Trustom Pond bird sanctuary. It is a salt water pond that is closed off to the ocean by a barrier beach. If  you click on the link, you can see an aerial photo of the pond and the small sand bar that separates the pond from the ocean.

It is home to over 300 species of birds and we arrived at the first platform, just in time to hear and see a flock of geese coming in.

We also noticed the water marker. It is used to mark the highest waters, due to flooding from storms. I guess it isn't needed now. This was our first indication that something was wrong.

The path we were on, takes us to a point which passes by the inlets, which are inaccessible. Not today, it is now a beach. This area was once covered in water.

At the point we go onto a raised platform to see views of the ocean and Block Island. The pond usually reaches up to the platform. Now, it has wider areas that stretch out into points and the shallows have revealed rocks, all through the pond.

And here is why, the storm broke through the barrier beach and it is now an inlet to the sea. The pond is now affected by the tides. The islands that provide safe harbor for the nesting birds, have land bridges which can be crossed by the foxes and other critters. I have no idea what this will mean for the future of the sanctuary and have heard that they plan on leaving it, as is and let nature take it's course.

We decided to go down the road, to the beach and see how the houses along the shore, fared. It looks like this house is a goner, there is no more support for the house. This is a house that has been there for years, built when there was more land. It shows you how much the ocean has worn away the coast and this storm took even more.

I spied this critter, hiding in the bushes, when we were leaving the beach. What do you think it is? Give me a guess and I will draw a name from the comments and one person will receive their choice of a free epattern from my ecrater shop. I will draw a name on Wednesday at 10pm and announce it that night, along with something for everyone.

The storms are still affecting so many people who live along the coast lines. There are a few places that are looking for help with quilts, blocks and monetary donations. If you have the time, or a spare quilt, or even a few dollars, those who have nothing right now, would appreciate anything you can do to help. Below are links to sites and information on how you can help.

Bumble Bean Basics is still looking for quilts to help those in New York and the New Jersey area.

Phoenix Quilts has rerouted quilts that they have received to help those on the coast, but funds are needed to help out with shipping costs.

The Rock Center has a list of those requesting help and organizations that are helping with the relief cause.

Quilting Gallery is looking for help with their block drive.

Stitch This has a list of places for quilters and other craft needs.


Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

Sorry sad to see those house like that...I am so touched inside when I see the destruction this hurricane has heart just aches! So many still with out power...won't be much of a Thanksgiving for those folks. Hopefully things will get better soon. Hugs Susan

The Joy of Needlework said...

So very sad for all those who got hit with that terrible storm. My heart hurts for each of them and truly wish I could help other then just donating money to the Red Cross. God Bless each and everyone of them. Hugs, LenZie

Karen said...

I am no good at guessing critters. I will make a wild guess that it is a Canadian Goose.

Mary said...

My heart aches for everyone that has been effected by Sandy. It is so sad too see all the devastation she has caused. I agree with Susan hopefully things will get better soon.
My guess on the critter would be a Snow Goose? Wishing you and your a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Hugs Mary

annie said...

so sad, all the destruction..,,,
I'm guessing a heron, but I honestly have no clue!

cucki said...

It is truly so sad to look at all the destruction ..I am thinking about all the familes effected by the storm..

In the picture it is look like a goose ..
Love for you x

Fiona said...

Amazing to see that damage by the storm... was a nasty one and I guess everyone will feel the effects for some time...

Lori said...

That is amazing how a storm can cause the landscape to change so much. It is also amazing how quickly our earth recovers.
My guess on the bird is a heron or a cormorant.

Barbara said...

I'm ever more thankful when I see pictures like this. It's a bleak holiday season for these folks. I sent off a fe quilt blocks. It seems a small offering, but it's something.

Jane S. said...

People aren't the only ones that suffer the aftereffects of a storm...the change in the landscape is going to affect the critters too.

As for the critter in the photo, I'd say it's a goose but I couldn't tell which variety.

It's quite sad to see how drastically the shore has changed. :(

Firecracker Kid said...

What the heck is that?! It almost looks like Old Nessie, but it's on dry ground.
I don't know, a drake or a crane? Has a thick neck. Turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving darling!


Firecracker Kid said...
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Jacquelynne Steves said...

Hard to believe what a single storm can do- I heard yesterday that the Jersey Shores have lost an average of 30-40 feet of beach. Hopefully most people will be able to repair and rebuild what they have lost.
I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!