Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Many Blessings!

This month has been filled with wonderful giveaways and I have been the lucky recipient of a few. I wanted to share my wonderful prizes with you and the wonderful people who have made the giveaways possible. Winning such great prizes allows me to enjoy quilting and eventually make charity quilts with the money I save, I have been stocking up on batting.

One book I have always loved was Jacquelynne Steve's book, Fruitful Hands. I fell in love with the pineapple quilt, a simple but fun piece and something that would look great as a wall quilt for my dining room. The book also has recipes and patterns for quilts and smaller items that would make wonderful gifts. You can visit her blog, The Noble Wife for inspiration and she also has some wonderful freebies.

This is on my to do list. The giveaway was sponsored by Henry Glass Fabrics. If you love quality fabrics and giveaways, be sure to sign up for their blog.

Another giveaway was hosted by See How We Sew. I won the book "Quilting 101", by Sue Rasmussen. It is a wonderful reference guide for quilting and it is definitely something I need lol. I am always forgetting the basics and what types of needles to use for projects, so now I have a reference that I can refer to, as I quilt and things I can learn to do better.

And today I received another fun prize, something I can make for myself and as gifts for my friends. I was able to choose any pattern from Cath's Pennies. I have always loved her designs and not only does she make wonderful patterns, but she gives directions with photos on her blog to help  you in creating your own pieces. 

It was a tough decision, I love all of her designs, but this one is perfect as a gift too and I have gingerbread buttons, so they will be perfect for this design. You can see this and many more at her website, Cath's Pennies Designs.


paulette said...

I think you need to go and buy a lottery ticket lickity split!! Congrats!

Fiona said...

Some great wins there.... well done and have lots of fun with them...

coinguyslady said...

You are one lucky lady.

Allie said...

Get thee out and buy a lottery ticket! Congratulations on all your great wins! I won Fruitful Hands too, a while back, and love it so much.

Melody said...

Fabulous wins.

Orange Sink said...

Congrats on the nice wins! That pineapple quilt is really an eye catcher! Enjoy all the wonderful books!!
Cathy G

Anna said...

I LOVE!!!! that pineapple quilt! I see your list grows longer...hehehe

Soggibottom said...

I must have been in the wrong place for giveaways :-) Ah, good luck babes. No one else could deserve them as much as you :-) X X X