Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, Felines and Food!

It has been a long week and I had quite a few downs, but the last few days, I had more ups, so hoping for more improvement in the days to come.

Today was cooking day, I had things I had to cook. The veggies are coming in too fast and the kids need to come and take some off my hands. Today I made Summer Squash Puffs. I use this recipe, but I just use corn meal, not a mix, comes out the same. They are really addicting too, I ate an awful lot of them;) I make a double batch, so I have lots for me and Bill to munch on, they make great snacks, hot or cold.

I planted bean seeds, way too many and now I have way too many beans, so today was snapping and cooking. I presoak them the day before. It takes about 6 hours to cook them, so not a slow process, but well worth the effort, fresh beans taste so good. Hopefully my daughter will come over this weekend and take some off my hands, I let her have the cooked ones. No way is she going to spend all day cooking;) Now I wish I had kept my canning supplies, would be nice to have some garden veggies this winter.

Then I went out to see if I had tomatoes, just a few and not the best looking. Lots of rain this week, not enough sun and cooler nights, is not helping. I love fresh stewed tomato sauce. Of course I noticed I had a ton of cucumbers and another squash, like I need more. I have a container of pickled cucumber slices already. I use lemon juice instead of vinegar and some chopped garlic, fresh dill weed and oil. Great snack, side dish or as a topping on your salad.

I was putting away laundry and as you can see, Moki loves socks. He likes it when I throw them, so he can play catch and slobber all over them.

And here is the cat's favorite scratching post, haha. My camera has a flash feature that goes on when the light is low. It throws off little red dashs that were going across the rug and Izzy loves chasing red lights. I only have a few little things to sew onto my ark and then I will add details to the animals, then add a backing. I will add more stitches when I have the batting in, to define certain parts of the animals.


Joanne said...

the kitties look like they are enjoying themselves! that Moki is a character! Mmmm your veggies look good - shame you don't live closer I would take some off your hands!

Anna said...

I am drooling and green with envy over your veggies! Is freezing the green beans for winter out of the question.

Glad you are have more better days this week...that is the nature of Lyme curse up and down, up, up, down...moving forward.

kitties are funny

acorn hollow said...

I wish we had a garden this summer looks wonderful. I have never heard of cooking green beans 6 hours are they a diffrent kind of bean?

A Quilter Awakens said...

Yummo! Great photos of the kitties. Karmen

moosecraft said...

Great looking harvest from your garden! Everything looks yummy! Love the pics of the kitties... almost looks like Moki is saying "Go ahead... I dare you to TRY to take this sock away!" lol!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ooooo....those squash puffs look SOOOO good! Wish I could take a few beans off your hands! That's one of our family's favorite veggies....but wow - never heard of presoaking them or cooking them that long! Crazy cute kitties, Deb....Love the sock monster! My little prissy Siamese has a real thing for dirty laundry...don't know what it is, but she'll knock anything and everything over trying to get at some to snuggle in!! My other one prefers clean laundry! Glad to hear your week ended with better days - hope there are more of those in store for you. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Allie said...

What a great harvest - I really wanted a garden this year but it didn't happen AGAIN. Cute pics of the kitties!

Berit said...

Oh, gosh! Away for a bit and what do I hear?! That you have been unwell! I hope your treatments keep going well and that you are healed soon. :)

All this food looks so delicious, and Moki is such a show-stealer! His personality in photographs is very strong.