Thursday, June 2, 2011

This and That Thursday!

I spent yesterday afternoon watching the news, just when the tornado hit Springfield.
I feel for the people of Springfield and the neighboring towns that got hit, it is such a beautiful area, rich with history.
I took a shot of the clouds and didn't realize that I had gotten more than clouds in this shot, till I saw it enlarged.
These birds were in a hurry and having a hard time flying in the wind gusts.

I cleaned out my chest and washed all the old scrap fabrics, lots of fabric to play with, great for art quilts too.
I didn't realize I had so much pink shades that matched so nicely, I could make a couple of charity quilts with that.

This is yardage I bought years ago, some heavy, so not sure what I had in mind for it. It was on the dollar table, so I used to buy a few yards, just because it looked like something I could use, lol. I was planning on using the animal print for a table cloth, there is enough to make two.

This is an around the world quilt, I was making about twenty years ago. When we moved, my white kitty christened some boxes and one contained the rest of the quilt pieces. I couldn't get the smell out, so I had to throw them away. Now I have a half a top, so I was thinking, what if I took out some seams and reworked the design into a new design, that might work. Then I can practice my quilting on the solid blocks. Or maybe I could make two smaller ones for charity.

Since I don't have extra money to fix up my yard, I make do. I wanted a bird bath, so I made one with what I had. My kids call it the ghetto bath, but the birds don't care, they love it.

My first attempt was this bucket, but it is too deep. Since I added a few feeders and the bird bath, I am getting a lot of new friends in the yard. The kitties love it, since the can watch out the window.


Michelle May (Shell) said...

The weather has been so scary!
I know the kitties love to watch all the critters from the window. How fun!
xx, shell

Allie said...

Oh my look at those ominous clouds. I love storms but they scare me. Looking at your quilt, it looks like if you cut it in half, you'd have two quilts with stripes on the diagonal - can't think what that's called - I know it has a name. Curse my memory.

I love your birdbath! My yard is mostly mud. We get most birds out in the front of the house, they stop by to say hello before heading to the neighbor's multitude of feeders. I remember one summer, we had such a drought, I was filling everything I could find with water for the poor critters. Luckily, birds don't require anything fancy!

primitivebettys said...

The tornadoes have been horrible this year... to say the very least. My heart aches for those hit.

Your bird bath seems to be well loved by the birds already. Mission accomplished! :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

I like your "ghetto bath!" It's got class! Bet the birdies do too....Quite a stash of fabric there Girl....ahhh...possibilities. Like your thoughts for the quilt - or, you could just do up some pillows....Whatever you do, I'm sure will be tres cool! Smiles ~ Robin

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Scary weather sad for all who lost so much.........I love the ghetto birdbath!

~Madalynne~ said...

I love the way the birds can turn any spot into an oasis. And I'm sure they love the ghetto bath . . . it has a nice kinda' "lived in" look :)

Firecracker Kid said...

You got a beautiful shot there. Unbeleivable wx y'all got there.
Lots of fabric to keep you busy for awhile:) We had a cat that liked to christen things too, lil bugger has passed on.
We can't afford to pretty up our yard either and I've been brainstorming for ways to use what we have too. You can do it Deb!