Friday, June 3, 2011

Angels and more cleaning!

I finished my angels. I decided to keep it simple and not add more embellishments, but I added quilted swirls to the background and a simple straight stitch on the outer border. I used wash out for the lettering and it was a pain, since i was using light thread, I didn't keep my stitches tight.

For the hair I used a loose weave wool, works great as hair since it frays a bit when you wet and dry it.
This was done using one of my gothic angel patterns.

I did more cleaning, 4 loads of wash. I am also washing old curtains and anything that has been sitting on the shelves like sleeping bags, just to clean up and the clean smells keep the moths away.

This was my first load of wool. Lots of nice tan to over dye and thicker wools for quilting.

Here is the second batch and of course Moki had to check it out, the got distracted by something on the tv. I still have more in the buckets and boxes, so a bit at a time. This pile had 4 uncut jackets, so I finally got those done. I also bought up my antique basket with my braided rug, I had started. Decided it was time to get back to that and use it on the floor.


Quilts And Pieces said...

It is beautiful!

Allie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous - I LOVE the quilted swirls! So very beautiful, Debbie. The hair is perfect.

I started to some cleaning and re-arranging today....popped my back out quite badly, now I'm STUCK. With piles and piles everywhere, lol. ACK!

Glad to know I don't have the only cat who watches tv!

TheCrankyCrow said...

MMMM....can smell the clean from here. Love that Moki of yours! (Hasn't been dive-bombed lately, has he??? I heard that bird was grounded...) ;o) Your angels are great!! Guess I didn't know you were working on that...but, then again, you always have something up your sleeve! Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Courtney said...

Beautiful angel piece! Do you hand quilt these? I need to get organized with my craft stuff too. Buy bins and such. It does feel good to have it stored all fresh and clean...ready for stitching and hooking. I'm eager to see your braided rug. My mother used to braid. I have one of her rugs. I love them and want to use them in the new house. I've been thinking of learning how to do it!

Linda said...

I love the swirl quilting!! A rally pretty piece. Sounds like a lot of Spring Cleaning going on there!!

Karen said...

I so like pieces with the embroidered words. Your angels piece is so creative and well done.

Sandi said...

May I please warn you about washing wool. I picked up a lot of skirts, jackets etc. at second hand shops and decided to pick out the seams and wash them.

I ended up messing up my washing machine with a huge mat of felted wool.

Make sure you do many washes between your wool and save yourself a repair bill. Better yet, go to a laundromat and save the repair bill.

Love your site, your pond pictures are great. Lovely weather!