Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scrap quilt finished!

I am finally making headway on my big projects and today I finally finished my scrap quilt.
I went with ties, which just don't look right to me, but doing free motion on a quilt this big, was not something I was up to;)
The quilt is 96" wide x 83" long. I wanted plenty of overhang on the quilt, so I wouldn't have to tuck in my sheets, haha.
This quilt was supposed to be my summer quilt, just something quick and easy, so I will use it for now and then switch over to my super heavy, keep me warm comforter when the weather gets colder.

While sewing the border to the back, Izzy tested the quilt out and said she just loves how comfy it is.

Once it was on the bed, Dora had to try it out too. The ties were really intriguing her.

Dora gave it her final seal of approval as nice and snuggly.


Anonymous said...

I see that you got the kitty seal of approval on your finished scrap quilt!! You did an awesome looks great on the bed!

Kathie said...

looks great!
so happy for you that you finsihed it
oh she is adorable !!!!

moosecraft said...

The quilt looks fabulous Debbie! Anytime you need a break from those kitties, you can send 'em over here for a vacation! LOL! ;-)

Farm Field Primitives said...

The quilt is beautiful. Dora seems to be saying "Thanks, Mom. Now where is YOUR quilt?". Thanks for sharing.

Brenis said...

Congratulations on getting it done Debbie! It looks awesome!!! And kitty approved too! :D Loved the pics (and equal camera time) of both izzy and dora! They crack me up! Surprised that izzy has decided that the sink is the way to go too! LOL

primitivebettys said...

I agree with the kitties... it is really nice! I've got two quilt tops that I would love to try to finish off with the ties. Maybe I could take a lesson from you?


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

LOL! Dora looks awfully cozy! I would be too on such a pretty quilt! What beautiful colors! Turned out great! ~~Annie

Miz T. said...

That is a huge quilt, and there will be no sheet tucking for you! Very nice, and it's always good when it gets the pawprint of approval from your furry babies. Lauri

Beth said...

Cute photos, love that quilt!