Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary & A Contest

Tomorrow is our Anniversary. I was supposed to have pictures of our wonderful drive to maine today, but you know what they say about the best made plans;) So, we are staying home and will enjoy the things we can do close to home. It is hard to believe that 34 years has gone by.

This is what happens when you get married in the 70's. My father said Bill had to cut his hair, so this is the result. It was hanging to the middle of his back;)

And Tomorrow is also father's day. We both lost our parents a few years back and we miss them, but the good memories of the times spent, will always be with us. This is my mom and dad.

And now, in celebration of our Anniversary, I am giving away a free pattern or booklet, you choose. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blogs from now until next friday. You can leave one comment in each blog I do and get that many chances to win.


primitivebettys said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! May you be blessed with many many many more! :)

Tony and I will be celebrating our anniversary on Monday. :)



p.s. great idea for a giveaway too! :)

WoolenSails said...

Well, Happy Anniversary to you too then.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Happy Anniversary! Oh my...the wonderful 70's! That picture brought back too many memories! What WERE we thinking back then! LOL! Here's to 34 more!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! ~~Annie

Laila said...

Happy Anniversary day !
Have a great week end.

Gollywobbles said...

Your post brings back memories! I hopped in an orange beetle bug with my friend and headed across country to CA! This is a lovely tribute to your folks, and I wish you a very happy Anniversary! ~Sam

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
This really is the best time of the year to get married.

We just celebrated our 48th. We live in the Ozarks and enjoyed our day close to home also.

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Your wedding picture looks quite like mine although the ruffled shirt hadn't come into fashion in 1971...
My Mom had an outfit just like your Mom's...LOL It was even the same color!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy Anniversary! May there be many, many, more.... Time sure does fly. Love the wedding picture! Whatever you plan on doing today will be special because you are together. Enjoy!

coinguyslady said...

I remember the 70's well.Happy Anniversary...

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I love those photos. So similar to ours. Let's hear it for the 70's!!



Carrie ~ said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love pictures from the 70's, I love your dress and hat too.
Treasure those memories, they do bring us alot of comfort.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I was married in the 70's also...and my DH's hair looked liked your husband's did. What memories we have from those days!!
We will celebrate our 30th in fast the time has gone by, but I wouldn't change a minute of it.
Hope you both are having a wonderful day together!!
hugs, Cindy

Joanne said...

A very Happy Anniversary to you and Bill Debbie and a Happy Father's Day to Bill! Enjoy your week together!

Wintersqlts said...

I love your "granny" wedding dress! Brings back a lot of memories...I married in 69. Bill looks great in the Glorious Hair, too.


JoJo said...

Happy Anniversary wishes to you both, Debbie. Loved the wedding pictures and boy, did they bring back some memories!!

I was married the 1st time in 1970 but he turned out to be a jerk and left me and the kids. But Gerry and I celebrated our 25th anniversary just a couple of months ago. This one is a keeper.

How about posting a picture of the two of you now so we can compare the old with the new??

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Debbie!

Tolentreasures said...

What a perfect 70's wedding picture! Sure do miss those styles...but wait, aren't they back?


appleberrycottage said...

It must be the season for anniversaries! It's fun to see how styles have changed through the years. I didn't get married until 1991, so I still had the big puffy sleeves. It's now plain, strapless, and no beads. I wonder what's next?

lej619 said...

hope you had a good day. i hav eto laugh cause my mom said the something like that to my husband when we got married. She said that his beard need to go. will be married 30ys this Aug. oohh that is only a month away. boy time flies.
I love your work.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Debbie ~
Happy Anniversary! Love the wedding picture. Though I am no longer married, my wedding picture was very similar ~ including the!