Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cats and Hexes

Since sitting is the only activity I seem to be able to do, hand stitching is the best project to keep my hands busy.
I should know better, stretch before and after activity;)

I made this piece a few months ago and decided to bind it for now. I wanted to do quilting on the border, but not sure.
Should I add quilting to the border or leave it alone? The piece was painted with acrylics after I stitched it. I wanted to try a different material, I think the background is a cotton mix. I prefer 100% cotton, it takes the paint better. With this, the paint sat on top of the fabric, so it is stiffer feeling.

The pattern is from a Red Brolly, free design. She has wonderful kitties in this series. Great ideas for gift giving to friends. She has a fun christmas kitty for the newest freebie.

I spent the last two days, sewing hexagons and think I will stop at this point. I just wanted a lap quilt and with the borders, it should be the perfect size. My plan is to use the homespun scraps from the flowers, to do little triangles around the edge. The problem is what to do with the top and bottom, they don't line up the same way as the sides, so I will have to think on how I will go around with the colors. After I add a border color, then I will use black for the edge and binding. Instead of quilting, I am thinking of putting ties in the middle of each flower.

I also decided that I want to do up a few extra chicken designs to go with my last piece. I will probably punch one and offer only a design with the other, but I will work on those this week, so you will get three patterns instead of one.


Joanne said...

The hexagon looks great - that is a whole lotta work!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Love the hexagons!

paulette said...

YOU have been busy!! LOVE your hexagon quilt!! Gorgeous!!

Dorothy said...

Very nice hexagons. The colours are really lovely.

Kathie said...

oh Deb I just love your hexagons, the colors are perfect and that black really shows off the colors and fabrics.
ah yes the perfect size, looks like it would be great draped over a table or on the wall...ah a dream of mine to make one like this someday

Jacque. said...

Great job! How big is the hexie quilt?

moosecraft said...

Both pieces are great! You get so much stuff accomplished (and with quality too)! I think the first quilt looks just right with the quilting you have. Maybe quilting in the border might make it too busy? And, I really like that hexagon quilt! Great colors! You've got quite the task planned for yourself with finishing the edges the way you planned... you have so much more patience than I do! ;-)

A Quilter Awakens said...

Too dang cute! Karmen

Cindy said...

You may be sitting - BUT - you're sure getting alot accomplished.

Miccosukee said...

Love the little quilt. What a wonderful kitty on it. You do such great things.

Texan said...

Your Hex quilt is just so great!