Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am camping!

LOL, since this is not exactly camping;)
Our nephew is getting married tomorrow and they reserved a section for the people who want to camp.
Since I wasn't sure about taking the dog, we came home tonight to feed him his dinner and I needed to make a batch of cookies.
I have a special diet and need to make my own snacks, so those are a must have for me.

They reserved a cabin for us and another for our son and DIL. They have a tent and were happy that the cabin was nice and clean and could sleep in that, instead. They are just beds inside, but they are all clean pine. I am sleeping in my bed;) We have lots of room outside, which is nice and their area has a good view of the lake, so that is where we are sitting. Tonight we had a fire and chatted, before we went home.

We spent the day walking, took a swim and went for a paddle down the shoreline. It was only half a day and we came home, but packed lots of fun and time together. We also met my nephews, wife to be and tomorrow will be the wedding. It will be on the beach if it is not too crowded and then a catered party afterwards.

This is Bill and the kids in front of the beach area. I say kids even though they are married adults, because they will always be my kids;)


Joanne said...

Heck Debbie i call my husband a kid - looks like a wonderful place to stay!

paulette said...

Wow!! Lovely place...have fun at the wedding!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time at the beach. Aren't you glad that you are still close enough that you can go home to get dressed and around for the wedding, but still enjoy being with the family & friends too?
What kind of special diet are you on? I have just began a gluten free diet.

moosecraft said...

Looks like a beautiful place for a wedding! And, today is going to be gorgeous! Many happy days ahead to the newlyweds! :-)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful camping area and looks like such a nice place for a wedding! Hope you all are having lots of fun.