Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Finish and Freezing Weather!

I hope everyone is staying warm with this chilly weather. We have high winds and freezing temperatures tonight and it won't be getting much warmer this week, winter is definitely here. The good thing is I spend more time inside and get more done. This week it was cleaning and working on a new project.

The new design this month was a set of tea cups, I was only able to finish one, a cup with snowflakes. The second has greenery inside. I kept it simple since it is a Hot Pad for hot dishes, a nice piece to decorate the table with and have a use. I use Insulbrite batting for the inside.  The piece is about 12", a bit uneven so I need to watch how I cut to get better squares.

Going for rides on cold days is nice, just to get out and have a change of scenery.  We had a nice snowfall so I enjoyed taking photos around Galilee and at the lighthouse.

On the way home, we stopped at the local dock to see if there were any birds in the harbor. No birds but I always love seeing the fishing boats.

When I enlarged the photo, I noticed something strange in the bucket, on the boat. I am still debating on what it was, I thought a stuffed toy, others have said an old towel. 

 On Sunday we tried a new place, a farm area with a bird sanctuary next door. Most of the birds were hiding and it was so windy and cold, we did a quick walk and got back in the car. This pony was so cute, a good place to take the boys when it warms up.

 We decided to take a ride along the ocean roads and stopped at a nearby beach. It was too cold to walk the beach but I got a few shots of the beach and the lighthouse across the way.

There were a few birds, running around the parking lot, so I got a few shots of them and the one I was able to get a shot of a Chipping Sparrow at the sanctuary.

The next stop was Fishermens Memorial. The waves were rough and the air was cold. I can only imagine what it was like on the ferry.

I decided to go to the top of the hill even though it was windy. I wanted to take a photo of something I had seen on a photo site, our states motto done in rocks. I have to admit, I almost fell over the cliff trying to get a decent shot, the wind was that strong. 

We had one nice day, so I enjoyed time on the porch with my feathered friends. The Cardinal has been getting more used to me and I caught him in the tree and then when I sat down, he came to the feeder.

This is a White Throated Sparrow. I was practicing my other camera and I think it got better shots than I usually can, it has more focus points. 

I hope this finds everyone well. Sadly the kids are still sick so I am staying away from them and today Ivy got her test back and it was positive. t now contact until I am sure they are safe to be around, but it is hard not to see the boys. I am using the time to get more done around the house and working on my projects. We are also getting ready to paint the main rooms, I am looking for a light grey with a hint of blue, but havn't seen anything that fits what I have in mind. I am thinking of using my paints to come up with a color they can match. Sending blessings to all of my readers.


Deb said...

I love the snowflake tea cup stitchery it's perfect for this time of year. Your photos are wonderful, the one with the cardinals gives me hope the cardinals that come to my feeders will one day be patient with me so I can get a photo or two, they are so elusive. They are not shy about letting me know when the feeders need a refill. Winter has settle here in Florida last night the temps drop to 39. I wait all year for our cold days and as a transplanted NJ girl still dream of snow.

Rugs and Pugs said...

That pony sure has put on his winter coat. Cute!

Fiona said...

Sad to hear the family is not well - so much around and you will be missing them a lot... lovely pictures... that does look like a dog in the drum so I am hoping it was a stuffed toy! haha... Hot hot here so it was refreshing looking at your snow and cold...


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh but how cold that water looks with the waves roiling!!! I can almost hear them crashing. I'd love to spend a night or two in that lighthouse (provided they have a nice fire going LOL). Sorry to hear the boys aren't well and wishing them and their mum speedy recoveries. Yes, lots of it going around in these parts too...although I am still puzzled as to how they can say it's covid when the consensus seems to be now that the tests can't distinguish b/w covid and the flu. Anyway...sick is sick...and that's not good. Stay warm - glad you have so many interests to keep you busy. ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

Your photos are always wonderful. We have been very cold and this morning is cold also. I am putting on my hiking boots and meeting a friend I need to get out in the air.
I hope you find the right color you are looking for it is hard because it always looks different on the walls.
stay warm