Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday Finish!


This has been a tough week, a lot can happen in a few days and Bill is back in the hospital. He developed blood clots that went to his lungs and got pneumonia, so he was rushed to the hospital and has been there since. He is doing good but they are keeping him until he levels out and his lungs clear. With his knee surgery, coming home would be hard since he cannot walk well, but also sick and weak. So, I am glad they are keeping him, he is getting good care and it is easier on me. 

I have been keeping busy with the house, catching up on cleaning and getting as much as I can done, so I am hoping I can get out and enjoy a few nice days and have some me time. In the meantime I make time for me by watching tv and working on projects. I was able to finish one this week, a stocking design, by Cheri Saffiote. This was a fun one to do and I think it would make a nice gift idea.

Another thing I do for myself is, sit on the porch and enjoy the birds that come to visit. I also have some unwanted visitors, the local squirrels. I swear they are sitting in their nests, watching for the moment I put food in the feeders. I let them feed at the other feeder, but not at the porch one. For the first time, this little guy showed up. He isn't as brave as the squirrels, and took off, a few seconds after I got a shot.

I also try and walk around the yard and play with Bean each day. I noticed the neighbors had a lot of birds in their backyard, so I snuck through the bush and caught this robin.

And a new regular to the feeders is the Red Bellied Woodpecker. They are twice the size of the Downy. I don't always get a nice sky, so I cheat and use the new sky filter in Photoshop. The deeper blues make a nice background for the lighter birds.

And of course my regular visitor, the juvenile Downy Woodpecker. He was the first to visit and is quite comfortable eating, while I am on the porch.

With warm weather this week, I am hoping to get out for some hikes and maybe catch some of the birds, that are coming back from the south. There has been a lot of sightings of the Blue Herons and Ospreys this week, so they are heading home and nesting. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and experiencing nice weather in your part of the country.


Robin Leuschen said...

Praying for quick recovery and comfort gif you ❤️

Kate said...

So sorry to read about your husband - here's wishing him a speedy recovery. You have the right attitude that he's in the best place to recover and you seem to be enjoying time on your own. Are you able to visit him - in our neck of the woods hospital visits are not allowed. It was wonderful to see the robin - they haven't arrived here yet. The geese and crows are back and the ravens have moved north ... feels like spring has sprung.

acorn hollow said...

Glad to hear your husband is doing well. your pictures are lovely as always. Nice finish too. It would be a nice gift with a little something tucked in it.

TheCrankyCrow said... quickly things can turn. So glad he got the care needed and praying for a speedy recovery. That little stocking is adorable...and yes, perfect for gifting. Love the bird photos (I was thinking you all have such blue skies LOL...thanks for cluing us in on your secret). That looks like one BIG robin!! I have spied a pair here twice now...both right before we got several inches of snow. Poor things. Enjoy your weekend...windy here, but not snowing, so I'm good. ~Robin~

Fiona said...

Wishing Bill a speedy recovery..... take care


Olde Dame Holly said...

Good news that the clots did not do more damage. I hope your husband's healing continues to be strong. The birds look beautiful with that sky filter but I think the cutest photo of all is that little chipmunk!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sorry to hear Bill is in the hospital, but glad he is there getting the care he needs.
So many cool bird shots...and thanks for sharing your little!

Karen said...

I am wondering how your husband is.

Your angel stocking is oh so cute! I can't face Christmas projects just yet but should.