Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Finish!

It seems the weeks are zipping by and with Bills 4 day schedule, I get less done. But it is nice that we have more time to get out, and it would be nicer if the weather would be nicer on the days he has off.

I wanted some new projects to work on this week and I was able to make one. There is a group on Facebook called Love and Hugs from Australia, Stitch along. They are offering free patterns from different designers and there is a nice variety to fit everyones taste. I took the ones with inspirational sayings, fun to stitch up and hang on my wall.

This one is a design by Natalie Bird, it was not only fun to do, but a great piece to keep me in a happy mood. I am thinking of going with brighter and fun art pieces in the guest room. I used colored pencils on this one.

I also made masks for the adult kids, these have pockets in them and I made my sons, slightly larger to fit his chubby cheeks, lol. We got to see the kids outside and played kickball with Nick and then Alex grabbed my hand to show me his new clubhouse they are building. It broke my heart to have to let go and hard for him since he doesn't understand why grandma can hug and play with him.

And I wanted to make more masks with pockets, but my brain was on hold and I did things backwards and cut some wrong, but I was able to make 4 with pockets and the quilted one is two layers. I have some ideas to make it easier, so I can try them next.

And we got to spend a few hours at the beach and we had it all to ourselves. The tide was still higher up, but the storms had thrown some nice pieces in the rock piles.

And we got a day of hiking. The Boy Scout camp has a lot of side trails and one led to a place called Dinosaur Caves. They are big but no dixnosaurs, lol. It was 5 miles of hills and rocky gorges, but I made it and then crashed when I got home, my knees are definitely getting crickety.

And on the camping end, our Maine trip is cancelled. They will only allow in state campers, so I have no idea if and when we can go camping. And to top it off, Bill went to the trailer to get something and it stunk. It seems a crack formed on the top vent and it has been leaking for over a month, all over the bedding and mattress. The mattress is ruined, not only does it stink, it is all rusted from the heating elements. We got a price for the trade in, for like new condition, now we may lose money on the deal and honestly, it is their fault. I wanted to take it in months ago, I was afraid something bad would happen and it did. Tomorrow Bill takes it in and we will see what they say, it may still be covered under warranty, so I am hoping that is the case.

I hope you all have a nice weekend, we may have one nice day and then rain, so I hope that changes. The beaches and parks are open, though limited, but I will stay away from those areas and stick to exploring new paths.


Pam Marshall said...

Do you set coloring pencil,s the same way you do caryons?

acorn hollow said...

So sorry about your camper and the camping and Maine. They are being tough but so is NH
Glad you got to see the kids even if it was just for a few minutes.
Your pieces are always wonderful I am still hooking and gardening.

Rugs and Pugs said...

This is the summer that nothing will happen. Just about everything has been cancelled. I understand all the cancellations, but I want my life back!!! So sorry about the camper issue. Fingers crossed that it is still under warranty. said...

Ugh the damaged camper! Awful! I don’t know how ours fared over winter as it’s still in storage. If you get back to Maine camping and haven’t been, I highly recommend Boothbay Harbour

TheCrankyCrow said...

Bummer about the camper...and the canceled camping trip....There seems to be a lot of that going around. Our state somewhat reopened last week as the supreme court overturned the governor's extension of the stay-at-home order... (Legally, an extension needed legislative approval that he didn't bother to obtain). Things are no where near back to "normal," and I seriously doubt it ever will be. While I "get" it, I think the blanket prohibitions is a "one size that doesn't fit all" situation. We virtually have no cases up here...yes, down in the southern parts of the state in the two larger cities, but not here....and to force everyone's lives to come to a halt just doesn't seem like the right fix. Like I said, I "get" it....and I am imuune-compromised....but the fix just isn't isn't enough in the places where the risks are great (why can they still travel? go to Walmart? expect people to deliver things to their doorsteps and have to go food at their beck and whim?), and too much where the risks are minimal...heck, I have a better chance of being killed in a car accident. Sorry...I know my opinion isn't shared by all, but it is what it is, and respect everyone else's opinions as I hope they do mine. So loving your beachy finds....what I wouldn't give to go beach combing there for a day or two!!! Hope you've had a good weekend! ~Robin~ (PS....curious about what the "pocket" is for in the masks??)