Friday, December 28, 2018

Holiday Happenings!

It's been a whirlwind week, with getting everything ready for Christmas, but we were able to spend a few days outside and do some beach combing for a few hours, even though it was a bit chilly. And the wonderful thing about being on the beach in the late afternoon, is the sunsets. We stayed long enough to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the bay.

We found a lot of new glass pieces, that you can get in a craft store. I am assuming someone lost a garden display with all the wind we had and it floated to our beach.

We had the kids at our house on Christmas eve. We enjoyed a nice dinner and I let the kids open one of their big presents.

Nick loved the new floor piano and Alex was more interested in all the pretty lights and things he could pull off the shelves.

And Bean wanted to open one of his presents. Alex wanted to help and was disappointed when I said it was for Bean, a big blue octopus.

Christmas was spent at their house. The kids made dinner and I played with the boys, so it was a nice treat to relax and enjoy time with them. Although I wouldn't call it relaxing, both boys want my attention so a bit chaotic, to keep up with them. But, a joy that is worth a few sore muscles, lol.

I got Nick a view master, but found out that the reels are expensive and hard to find, so I will look for more in the thrifts and yard sales. If anyone has any old reels they don't want, I would love to have them.

I really wanted to rest, but the boys wanted to go to the aquarium, the next day, so we went. It was fun seeing the look of wonder and awe on Alex's face, since it was his first time. Again, it was chaotic, but a joy to see them both enjoying themselves and having fun together.

I stayed home for a few days, no rest, lots to catch up on and clean. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday week and a Happy New Year!


acorn hollow said...

So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. The kids look happy and cute as a button

Kate said...

Sounds wonderful, Debbie! Take care of yourself. ^^

Rugs and Pugs said...

Christmas is magical with little ones who believe!
Happy New Year 🎉🎊🎉

Fiona said...

sounds like a lovely time... there is nothing like Christmas with littlies...


Susan said...

Chaotic, but absolutely lovely. Memories really are priceless.

Allie said...

I find the holidays exhausting - and I don't have two little grand-boys to play with!!! They really are so adorable, Debbie, and worth the exhaustion. I hope you're getting some rest now - Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love all your pictures. Better teach Nick how to use the camera so there will be one of you.
So nice to be able to share the holidays with family in person. I had a pot-luck at church with my church family and met up with #3 daughter's family and my SIL rat a Chinese restaurant in the evening. Now I am on my second to last lap around the big quilt ... hoping to count this as a finish just under the wire. Blessings and love for the coming year.

Sandi said...

Sounds like a busy but Happy Christmas Debbie, I hope the New Year finds you good health and much joy/

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Debbie,
Your Christmas looked like a really fun AND BUSY time!!! If we could just plug in to all that energy and have a bit for ourselves!!! Love that big floor piano!! The pictures are so nice and the aquarium looks amazing!! Hope you can get some rest after this busy time!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, too!!
Enjoy your first week of 2019!
Heart Hugs~

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely memories being made. Oh to bottle all that energy! Happy New Year x