Monday, February 19, 2018

Working on Weekend!

Not a lot got done this weekend. A bit of shopping, I found a Jan patek book at a thrift store and got some new, larger paint brushes to work on my angel. I also worked on a stitchery by Kathy Schmitz, it is one of the ones, I had picked out with my winnings.

It is a large one, so it is a nice project to work on a bit at a time and keep my hands busy. I am keeping the colors simple, so I am working in sections and deciding on some, after I do the rest, so I can keep it balanced.

We also went to the beach one day, caught it at low tide, so I was able to gather up some more rocks for my collection. I think I have enough now, time to try some pieces.

On Sunday we did another drive and watched a fishing boat come in, then hit the rocky beach for more rocks, but I realized most were rough and not the type I wanted. The ones on the steep sandy beaches are like being in a rock tumbler, they are smoothed by the sands, so perfect for little art pieces.

The seagulls were following the boat in, they know they will be treated when the fishermen throw their excess fish, over the sides.

Today was cleaning day, I would have rather been painting and creating, but it has to be done.


Karen said...

Some of Kathy s's stitchery patterns take a lot of time. I like them but just don't find time to do them.

acorn hollow said...

you always have wonderful projects. We are having weekend guests so we are cleaning. It is good to have guests now and then.

Rugs and Pugs said...

That new project is huge and is going to be wonderful!

Sandi said...

Sounds like a busy creative and exploring weekend! Your stitching looks great.

Love the colours of the rocks you found, there is such healing and soothing to those smooth shapes.

Enjoy your week.

Fiona said...

A lovely stitchery you are working on.... and pretty rocks...

Allie-oops Designs said...

Love that stitchery! I can't wait to see what you make with the rocks. I have cleaning to do too - somehow [not sure how] I'm making a turkey dinner for 13 this Saturday.

Me and My Stitches said... that stitchery, I'm going to have to try to find that one!