Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Day Late Finish!

This week I wanted to try something from a  free pattern by Lori Bechlin, on her Facebook group, The Punch Needle Guild. It seemed simple enough and I thought I could finish it over the weekend. I made it larger than i had planned and I didn't get any work done this weekend, so I got it done yesterday and the finishes today.

I made them to hang on my prim tree for Valentines. I also used what I had in my scrap box, so kept it simple and antiqued it to mottle the colors. I finished it by trimming the edge to 1/4 inch, then I folded that to the back and tacked it down with stick glue. Then I cut out a wool heart and stitched that onto the back of the heart. I made a twisted cord to add to the edge and left enough to use as a hanger. I still have to sew it into a loop and trim the pieces on the front, forgot to do that.

I tried some leaves on one, but I like the one with just hearts, better. I also did them in different sizes. the top one is done in 3 strands of floss and the bottom in 6. I found the 3 strands easier to work with and easier on my arm.

Today was actually warm enough to go outside without freezing. Bean was very happy, even though Dad takes it out during the day, he still wants to play with me.

His soccer ball is perfect to play in the snow with.

Soft enough for me to kick in the air and easy to catch for him.

And who needs a ball when we have all that snow on the ground to throw around.

And when you are stuck in the house, you find ways to entertain yourself. Izzy wasn't thrilled with being my photo model. I used my phone, will have to see what outfits I can get on her and use my good camera;)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Lady Locust said...

Those are beautiful! Do I begin every comment here with those 3 words? Maybe I should invest in a thesaurus. Wow! Your work really is amazing though. Also love the pet pics.

Karen said...

Sweet, sweet Valentine hearts. Is your tree small in size?

Fiona said...

Oh your hearts are just lovely... Bean is such good fun - ready to play anywhere...


Allie-oops Designs said...

Wow Debbie those are so pretty!!! I like them both, with leaves and without. Bean is such a hoot, isn't he? Izzy is just gorgeous and reminds me so much of my Hermione.

moosecraft said...

Cute Valentine's! I always enjoy a few pics of the fur kids too!

acorn hollow said...

I always love to see your pieces you are so fast.

Saundra said...

Great job on the needle punch. I'd thought of joining but haven't done needlepunch in so long wonder if I even remember how to hold the needle, lol.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sweet finishes!
Fun pics of Bean but love the one of Izzy ❤️
It's nice that the weather is a little more bearable
, isn't it?

Kate said...

Love your hearts Debbie! The pix of Bean are wonderful. That's a lot of snow that you have - looks like more than we have. :)

Jeff C. said...

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