Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Vacation!

Bill always gets the holiday week off, so we took advantage of the time to get out and do some exploring. It is also a great time to use the coupons and sales to get some needed items like a new coat. I finally found one that is duck cloth, warm inner but not heavy so I can have something to wear when we go on adventures.

We had one day that was considered warm, warm enough that my hands didn't freeze, that is. It was a great day to go for a drive and enjoy the ocean. It seems everyone was out enjoying it, as well. A few were doing some parasailing which looks like fun to me, though I am not sure I have the strength to control the sail.

Lots of surfers, birds and action going on at the beaches, but I realize, I need a zoom to get good shots of those. I did catch this little guy who was running back and forth on the beach.

The treat was, as we were coming home, the sun was going down. We went down a side road and stopped at the pond to watch the sunset. A wonderful way to end a day.

Another day we went to the Watch Hill lighthouse. It was a bit cool and breezy but a perfect place to sit in the car and just enjoy the views. From here you can see the rhode island and the long island sounds.

Today we went to go to a park on the opposite side of Westerly. The river runs through Rhode Island, and empties into the ocean. The park was small but a nice little walk with views of a graveyard across the river.

I found a road from here that took us across, into Connecticut and to Barn Island. We have been here to paddle, and I wanted to just go for the views.

When we got there, I noticed a lot of people parked at the hiking trails. We have never been on the trails, I assumed they were just short walks to look at the estuaries and it was too swampy to walk. Well, I had to go check it out and I was surprised to see nice trails that led through the area with views of the inlets and areas in the woods.

Lots of old growth trees, reformed by the weather and storms.

We even got to see a blue heron, another time I wish I had a zoom. The area is so beautiful and peaceful, definitely coming back to do more hiking when it isn't so cold.

Before we headed home, we went further down so I could get some shots of a church with my wide angle. I plan on using churches in my area to do new pieces, so I took shots and this one was an experiment in art photography, you can see some of the church, lots of character for a new piece.

I hope everyone is having a nice week and rested from the holiday festivities. I did make something new this week, but was so tired when we got home, I didn't get a chance to finish it off. A few more days of goofing off and then it is time to start working on my projects again. I hope it will be a productive year for all of you. May the new year bring good health and blessings to you all.


Sandi said...

Debbie, your photos are great! You are taking a sharpe upwards trip up your learning curve with you photo. I love my zoom lens but even without one your pictures are spectacular. Love the blue heron shot. He is almost like playing where's Waldo, we have a resident one on the river here so I spotted him right away. That is a keeper!

acorn hollow said...

As always your trips out and about are wonderful.We have so much snow that skis or snow shoes would have been in order.
Happy New Year
May it bring lots of laughter and joy

Carol S. said...

I'm not sure I'd be excited to go parasailing, but I love looking at all your adventure photos. The church is beautiful!

Kate said...

Debbie, these are fabulous photographs ... the church shot is brilliant and I love the sunset. We have blue herons in our neck of the woods (in the warmer months) and one hangs out on our cabin shoreline - if I'm up early enough and am very quiet I get to watch it but have never been able to take a photo of it - I really love these guys.
This fall, when it was so wet, we actually saw flocks of them in the wet fields on our way to town - quite a sight. Best Wishes for 2017. k

Rugs and Pugs said...

You always explore the coolest places!
Happy New Year to you and hubby.
Hugs :)

Fiona said...

lovely to get out and about and great pics of the places. My hubz is also off but it has been so very hot I haven't wanted to go out much.