Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quilt show photos!

There were a lots of nice quilts but I know we all see the same things most of the time so I picked a few of my favorites that are unique for different reasons.

The first is an angel, but Barbara Barbara. She had a few of her painted pieces in the show, but this was different from what she normally does. Nice idea if you are interested in doing a piece for your church, lots of free angel images online.

The next few quilts were done with quilts bought from the New England Quilt museum. Love seeing old quilts and these were tops that were sold and the ladies quilted them.

This was my favorite, love the design and fabrics.

Unique quilt and great for scraps.

 The next  two are examples of quilts you can make from used clothing, especially from a loved one.

Something to cuddle in, when she misses her dad, all from his flannel shirts.

A unique way to use ties in a quilt, love the fence idea and ties could be made into other types of designs for art pieces.

This piece is wonderful, a style I would love to make. She used a resist to bleach out some color in the background. 

And for you wooly lovers, a Heart to Hand design, it was really gorgeous in person. Beautiful wools and beautifully made.

And last but not least, was a quilt made by my friend Tina. She does beautiful work and I loved how she used the graduated colors for the background and then hand stitching around the blocks, then beautiful quilting around that. I like the idea of doing hand stitching to enhance some of the designs, mixed with machine quilting.

This is just a section of the quilt, it is huge and i wanted to show the work close up. 


sunny said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the angel, and the one made from ties the best. I think I'll visit a few thrift shops tomorrow for ties!

acorn hollow said...

wow so beautiful! I love the angel rug so pretty.

Kim said...

They are all so different but all beautiful in their own way. Hard to pick a favorite

Saundra said...

Oh that crow quilt was my favorite. But also enjoyed the others, the tie fence was great too as were the ones using loved ones clothing.

Fiona said...

lovely to see those quilts and so nice to pick out those that are a bit different to the usual.... I loved them.. thanks

Julie Fukuda said...

I have to admit those are the ones I would have been attracted to also. The nine-patch is another great idea to add to my notebook.
I have a pile of ties that might make a good fence too ... maybe with some woolies added ... Thanks for the show highlights.

Barbara said...

I like the Irish chain quilts too, but I have to say I love the crows. Since seeing a documentary about how smart they are, I have a lot more respect for them than I used to. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Bates said...

Love the quilts! The tie quilt is so clever!

Karen said...

The fence was a very creative use of neckties. Never would have thought of that.