Monday, December 7, 2015

Countdown to Christmas!

This season sure crept up on us, and only a week to get my cards and gifts ready to mail. I know I can send after that, but I plan on getting things done this week and then I can sit back and relax for the rest of the season, at least that is the plan;)

Of course I broke my, not making any more new things rule. I just felt like trying a new punch needle and wanted to try a church. I found the design on a coloring site, and I changed the windows to look more like our church.

I want to put a cord around it, but none of the yarn ones, that I tried, worked. So, I guess I need to run to the craft store tomorrow and get a nicer one to fit with this piece, it needs more shine to go around it. I was going to write in the snow, the word joy, but I punched it all and then remembered. Short term memory has its drawbacks;)

It is not exactly like I wanted, but it didn't come out too badly and hopefully the recipient will like it.

I had Nicholas on Saturday and we went to the school to play. I learned, take Nick or take Bean, but do not take both at the same time, lol. Bean was all excited and wanted to run and Nick was all over the place, so hard to keep track of two kids;) He got to swing and go down the slide and then we walked around the school yard.

He was quite impressed when we encountered a bear.

Another project I am doing this week is, making card ornaments with photos of Danielle, family and friends and I also told her friends that they can also make an ornament or buy one, and write something on it. I am putting up a small tree in the beach room for her, it will be filled with memories and messages.

I found a wonderful website that has beautiful cards that you can insert photos into. I also like that you can move the photo and edit it, so great for photos that don't quite fit. Here is a photo I used of Danielle at her friend Maya's wedding, this frame was perfect for the theme and Christmas and it helped to fade out the white flash that was on the top or the photo. I will print them out on card stock, so her friends can write on the back when they visit.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and are remembering to enjoy the season with those you love.

You can make your own photo cards by visiting Photo Fun Editor. Another idea for those of you who have parents in Nursing homes. Make up some photo cards that they can hang as a banner, on a tree or tape to the walls.


Faye said...

Always love your posts and ideas.... The new punch is so pretty....

acorn hollow said...

Love the card idea. I also love your new projects.
and that baby gets cuter each picture you take.

Vicki W said...

I love your ornament!

Karen said...

The church punch needle turned out very good. Creative use of a coloring picture.

Kate said...

Debbie, your needle punch is lovely. Thanks for the link.

paulette said...

You always do such lovely work! I love your photo...a wonderful way to share a memory!

Fran Caswell said...

I think your punch came out very nice and Nicholas is just adorable. I was in your neighborhood doing a little shopping yesterday. Was a beautiful day.

Sandi said...

What a lovely way to remember your daughter and her friend. The card ornament is lovely.

Another lovely job on your needle punch church, I'm sure whomever receives it will be delighted.

Great picture of Nick.

Allie-oops Designs said...

That church is a GORGEOUS piece!! I love watching you make things. I really love the idea of your card ornaments, that pic of Danielle is so beautiful. A tree in her room is a lovely idea. Nick is so cute....but him and Bean together? Yikes! Bet you had a nap.
Oh - almost forgot - LOVE your project in the last post - thank you, it's too darling!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Your punch needle projects are all so lovely. With or without words, it is fine.
Your card idea is great. You always have such good ideas. Lucky Nick!

Saundra said...

Your needlepunch church turned out wonderful. I've never made cards and haven't sent Christmas cards in years.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful needlepunch.
Sweet pic of DD and friend.