Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Wanderings!

Bill ended up getting the weekend off so we got to get out and do a few things, which was nice. We decided to go back to the trailer place and I wanted to look at all the trailers, even tent campers. Each one has pluses and each had things I didn't like, but since we are limited by weight, we had a choice of a larger tent camper or a trailer and we went with the trailer. No extra room for the kids but the table can be a small bed if we need it and I feel safer in a trailer, especially since we camp locally and Bill works nights. So, in a few weeks, we will have the trailer and I reserved a spot for a few days at our local state park to test it out. This time I won't have to worry about the smell;)

I have also been having problems with my computer, the graphics drive must be going since it keeps crashing when I do photos. I hate getting a new computer, I am used to this one, but I need my graphics for photoshop and patterns, so I broke down and got a new one. Hopefully I have saved everything properly and if anyone contacts me and doesn't hear from me, it might be because I lost the mail. I also tend to forget things, so if you ever do ask me a question, do not be afraid to ask again if I do not respond. I also appreciate the opinions on quilting machines, but for now, I will just get ideas and put the word out at the stores, that I am looking, so maybe I can get a used one or a deal. And thank you for all the comments from "no replys",  I wish I could email and thank you personally.

Sunday my son stopped by so they could go to church with us. He always hides in the kiddy room since Nick is a bit boisterous, as is all two year olds, but I had him sit with us in a side area, where we could make a quick escape if needed;) Nick sat quietly next to me and thumbed through the hymnal and was fine until the sermon, so Grandma whipped out the snacks and let him crunch on those. (Remind me to bring quieter snacks;) Then he slipped and hit his head and the crying started, lol. But, he quieted down when I whipped out the snacks again and we got through the mass without any more mishaps.

After church we went to the Mystic aquarium to see the new exhibits. It is indoors, so perfect for a hot day. They had some fun displays and photo opportunities but not as elaborate as I expected. It was also way too crowded so we didn't stay too long.

I have to do my photos with preview, so I can't edit as well as with photoshop and I cannot straighten the crooked photos, so here are a few for  you to enjoy.

Everything is better when you explore it with a child, Nick makes everything seem fun.

Nick was quite impressed by this big guy.

There are some fun things for kids to do, so it is a great place to take the kids, especially on a rainy day or hot day.

The guys in the shark cage.

Nick driving the safari jeep, he did not want to get out;) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hopefully this week, I can get organized and start working on some projects and new ideas.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Such fun to take Nick on an adventure! I'm happy you are seeing more of him.
Hugs :)

Kate said...

Such fun having adventures with Nick!

Glenda said...

It looks like grandma planned well for church. When mine were little it was cherrio s and fisher price little people. So when I had grandkids I ordered the older fisher price people ,that are smaller, for them to play with in church.

Julie Fukuda said...

Cute pictures of a fun time. I hope all the computer issues work out eventually.
There is something going on with this no-reply blogger. I am wondering if it has something to do between bloglovin and google+. I come out no-reply to some bloggers I have been friends with for many years and no matter what I try, I can't fix it. I have tried websites with step-by-step instructions but at one point or another, I come to clicking on something that does not exist on my computer.
Somehow the format you use works for me ... but why?

Sandi said...

Looks like a fun time with your grandson. Have fun exploring new worlds with your tent trailer!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What fun pix! Your DGS is sure a cutie! I hope you enjoy your trailer as much as we love our MH! Have a great week!

Anna said...

Congrats on the trailer! loved reading your mass many cheerios lie under the pews, LOL

Donna said...

Hi Debbie, those are great photos of your day trip. I'm sure you'll have a great time with your new trailer. Very exciting! I'll be watching for photos of it!

Anonymous said...

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annie said...

he is a cutie pie!
sounds like a lot of fun.
I never mind the little ones on church,
it's hard to keep them quiet,
but the main thing is they are there with us!