Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Finishes!

This week I got a couple of projects done, one was my noodle board, I finally finished it.
Bill made the board for me and I painted it black. I was going to do mustard over black, but decided that would be too busy in the kitchen and left it black.

The problem was, the board had been sitting for months and the paint was really set into the wood and I do not have a lot of strength, so I didn't sand it very well.  My stain was old and I had to water it down, so that didn't help and my spray varnish was way too old, it wasn't going on right and left a messy finish, but it will do.

This is how it looks on the stove. We made it to cover up the old stove, it was a mess and this would have looked nice on it, but I think it is too much for my new stove and I love my new grates and don't like covering them up.

Then I used the broiler without taking the board off, not a good idea. The varnish started melting, so never use the oven with a board on top;) I decided it would be better to use it elsewhere and now it is sitting on top of my chest. The chest is another future project, I think it needs to be painted and antiqued. I like how it looks on the chest and keeps things from being knocked over by the kitties.

The hooked rug and cat pieces were gifts from my friend Kelley, With Hook & Needle.

I also decided to try another needle felted project and I needed an eyeglass case. I used designs from online coloring book pages. If you use white wool for the backing, you can trace designs onto it with a light box. I like to have the outlines to follow, even though my version is definitely not as detailed as the original. I made the case in one piece, doing a design on each side. It has a fabric liner inside, then I added a twisted cord for the edging.

This is what I did as the front side. My seagulls are sad looking, I think I should have gone with simple black outline gulls;)

And this is the backside, I kept it simple and had fun with the fibers for a sunset look. I think it is time I dye some roving so I can do more shading and details in my pieces. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Kate said...

Love your eyeglass case, Debbie!!!

acorn hollow said...

I have always loved the look of those boards but I was always a little scared that I would catch it on fire and what to do with it when you are cooking. I love your hooked pieces and your needle felted pieces are just lovely.

Karen said...

I had never heard of a board to cover the burners on the stove and then decorations put on top of it. I think the new resting place is a good solution and looks nice.

gracie said...

Wonderful projects!

Jacque. said...

Always busy creating. Nice pieces!

Sandi said...

Love the look of the board on top of the stove, I'd be tempted to rub w bit of mustard paint along the edge to give just w hint of colour, it looks great with the canisters and candle holder on it. But safety first of course, it also looks nice where you have it now.

I like your seagulls, congrats on your new attempt!

Rugs and Pugs said...

The noodle board is perfect for your cat pieces. That Kelley is one talented gal. I have a couple of her that I purchased and one that she gifted me in a fun give away she had.
Happy Saturday to you :)

Allie-oops Designs said...

I have to ask - what is a noodle board?? It sure is pretty! Love your gifts from your friend Kelley. And I think your glasses case is beautiful!!

Linda said...

So beautiful! I love nautical themes. :)

annie said...

That's some board story, it sounds Exactly like something I would do!
Loved your case, I like the designs, hope you hving a great June! said...

I do not see one thing wrong with these.. GORGEOUS. I need to try felting.