Monday, August 25, 2014

Must be Monday!

Bill had to work another weekend, so no paddling this weekend. He did work a later shift yesterday so we took advantage of the extra time and nice weather and went for a bike ride.

With heavy traffic from the beach traffic, it is nice to have a bike path close to home. The path starts in a shopping plaza but runs along the back side of the old base, so a tree lined hill blocks out most of the buildings.

Past the base, it is a long stretch with coves on both sides.

This is a nice area to stop and enjoy the views.

The end of the path is worth the trip. You come out to a beach with views of the bay. I definitely plan on riding here more, during the week, during the fall months.


Julie Fukuda said...

My "bike" is actually a tricycle with a big basket between the two rear wheels. It is great for shopping but not for recreation. Even today when I went out for potting soil. I had to get off and push from time to time.

acorn hollow said...

We don't have bikes I think the hills here scare us:) We did some hiking but not much paddling.
it was nice to be out and about.

Saundra said...

I enjoy my bike too but don't do long distance. Nice scenery all around you. There are a couple ponds within biking distance but my beach is an hour's car ride away.


Rebecca in AK said...

You have such a nice bike path with beautiful scenery!

Melody said...

Very pretty place and the weather looks lovely.

Anna said...

What a beautiful day. Seems the traffic around here is crazy with wrapping up the summer :)

hungryhippie said...

Gorgeous weather! Just wondering, on your previous post about the ink washing--are you ever nervous it will come out too dark? Do you literally wash it with the ink? Or do you spray it over? Sorry for all the questions Debbie! LOL XO

Lori said...

Looks like a great riding place!