Monday, March 17, 2014

Bunnies and Babies!

Karen of Log Cabin Quilter used my new pattern to make a wonderful wool applique piece. She made it into a fun piece with the pink wools and the beautiful shades in the homespun for the border. I love how she also used a textured wool for the arms to give the bunny more shape and definition.

Karen sent me a photo and I tried to lighten some so you could see the details but it is hard not to lighten other colors too much. I can imagine how wonderful this is in person, wool always looks better in person.

We had wonderful weather on Saturday, it actually went over 50 and I wanted to get out and enjoy it. We went for a nice ride down the back roads and checked out the rivers, did a little shopping and ended the afternoon with a visit to my son's house. Of course we all know grandma just wanted to play with the baby outside, lol. Mom was working so I took Nicholas for a walk along the river, they have a wonderful neighborhood to walk in. He loved going for a nature walk. I hope everyone got to enjoy one good day, spring is coming!


Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, I love baby Nicholas' bear hat. Perfect for a walk in the woods. That's a nice stroller too.
Love Karen's version. I enlarged it and saw the detailing. Nice!
We're supposed to warm up and get rain this week.

Julie Fukuda said...

Cute version! Now is the time for a kid to learn to enjoy nature. Good for both of you!

moosecraft said...

Oh my! That is the cutest pic of Nicholas! :-) Karen did a nice job on that bunny quilt!

cucki said...

So sweet...xx

acorn hollow said...

Oh you don't even have snow on the ground! we are still very much covered. He looks all bundled up so good to get out into the air.

jennifer768 said...

Nicholas is adorable! Karen did a wonderful job on her project.Have a great day. Be blessed,Jen

Pamela Gracia said...

What a great way to spend the day....I would love to do that with my grandsons. It looks like you had a simply beautiful day unlike here where we had snow!

Sandi said...

When I saw yours I wondered how it would look in wool and voila there Kaaren does it. They both look lovely, now to see a cotton appliqué version and you've got the trifecta.

Your grandson looks adorable you must be so happy things are warming up in your part of the country,

Colleen said...

Very cute bunny! And what a cutie Nicholas is :o)