Monday, June 24, 2013

Prize Winnings!

Thanks to everyone taking the time to vote for me, I was able to get some new supplies with my gift certificate, from This-n-That FabricsMy big buy was rotary cutters, I use those a lot and having new sharp ones, makes it a lot easier on my hands. I also treated myself to some Christmas fabrics and ticking, so I can get a head start on the patterns I have been wanting to make. One of the items I have been wanting to try is Thimble-it.

I used them today for quilting the baby blanket and I loved them. I have been using bandaids to protect my middle fingers and they work, but they tend to get sticky and gum up the needle and if I have to do things, I have to take them off and put new ones on. With Thimble-it, I could take them off and put them back on when I got started again. On the bottom finger they are perfect, I could push the needle through and hit the thimble-it instead of my finger. It is hard enough so the needle doesn't puncture it, so I highly recommend it for the bottom finger. On the pushing finger, it was a bit harder since the hard plastic made the needle slide when I pushed, but as I went along it started to work better as it softened up from the needle, but it also makes it wear faster and wasn't sticking as well by the third time. All in all, I would buy more, I do like using them, I like being able to stitch without pricking my poor fingers to death. They do make another product that has a softer stick on for quilting, so I might try that for my pushing finger.

Another prize I won was from Maureen Cracknell Handmade. She had several prizes and I was the lucky winner of a bundle of fabric from Form and Fabric. They are pink shades with beautiful patterns, beautiful fabrics for a little girl's quilt or maybe an art piece for my daughter.

We had a wonderful week paddling but yesterday was a good day to rest and stay home. It was also a good day for a cookout with the kids and of course my sweet grandson. Grandpa got some cuddle time while Nicholas slept soundly on his arm. He is such a content and sweet baby.


marie said...

Congrats on your winnings. Always nice to be able to get some things at no cost. I know what you mean about needles poking your fingers. I've got a nice callus on my finger from doing wool applique. Don't like anything on my hands.

Jacque. said...

You are winning some fun/good stuff! The baby is so sweet.

paulette said...

Congrats on your big win!! You got some fun stuff!
OMGosh you new little guy is adorable!! So cute!

Barbara said...

What a.beautiful baby. Lucky you!

Julie Fukuda said...

Clover makes a small blue rubber thimble, they come two to a pack, and when my fingers get sore, that is what i find most useful. They have air holes on the side and also a grip. That sleeping baby is simply darling!

moosecraft said...

Those are some great winnings! Grandson is a sweetheart!

annie said...

good for you!
that looks like an amazing collection! your sweet baby looks so tiny nestled there in his arms! just adorable!