Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Stroll!

Nothing exciting today, just a ride to the south end to check out some stores and a walk around the beach areas. I got a few fat quarters, been too long without new fabric, so had to get a quick fabric fix;)

We went to Galilee and I was curious, how it got it's name. Yes, I have lived here forever and never thought about it, lol. So, here is what I found.

The town received its name "n 1902, the story goes, Thomas Mann a fisherman from Nova Scotia who had settled here, felt the village that had sprung up with its fishing shacks should be called Galilee, after the fishing village of biblical times. One day, an old timer sat on the docks repairing his nets when a stranger called out to him, "Where am I". The answer was "Galilee". "And what is that?" the stranger asked pointing to the other side of the channel. The old timer thought for a minute, nodded his head and replied, "must be Jerusalem". And so the name of Galilee and Jerusalem have been used since to denote a most picturesque part of Rhode Island.

So, it got it's name, just because someone decided that would be it's name, lol.

It is a major fishing port, lots of boats coming and going, during the day.

And since there is a restaurant in the parking lot, the seagulls like to hang out in the area, waiting for scraps.

Coming in for a landing.

And this rock seems to be the favorite spot, the toughest gull gets to be king of the mountain.


Deborah OHare said...

I love your seagull photos. I am working on a sketchbook about seagulls at the moment and am envious that you have caught such great photos of them in flight. My camera is just not up to that.

cucki said...

Lovely pictures xxx

Fiona said...

Lovely pictures as always and a great story as to how the names got decided.... if only more things in life were that straight forward...

Anna said...

There is nothing I love more then seeing the ocean and all it's working parts!

Melody said...

Beautiful photos as always