Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Day of Vacation!

I went out with a bang, or should I say I feel banged up or more like I was run over by a car, lol.
I wanted to paddle down the bay today and go to a point that we played on when I was young.
The paddle sure bought back a lot of memories, at the beaches and the areas of houses along the shore.
This is where I grew up and it was a wonderful place to be a kid. What I didn't realize was, it was 6 miles one way, so a 12 mile paddle today I am feeling it;)

We went straight from the cove, down the bay, past all the coves and stopped at Rome Point. I was walking in the water and suddenly a funny fish was swimming around my feet, it looked like a red colored cat fish, Bill said it was a sand shark, I have no idea but wish I had my camera then.

We are headed for the bridge in the distance.

At the bridge, someday I will be brave enough to paddle across the bay, maybe;)

On the other side, it gets rougher on this side as we head to open waters.

Paddling past Plum Beachouse. We spent a lot of days swimming here, since a friend had a membership.

Heading down the bay, lots of beautiful homes and cliffs on this side.

Arrived at our destination, Casey Point. It is a point owned by the historical farm. We played on the farm and in the barns and in the winter, we could sled down the road that led to this point. You can see the bridge we went under, in the distance.

Looking up the bay, to the ends of land and out into the ocean.

We rested and enjoyed watching the boats passing by.

Time to go home, the tides were shifting and the wind was blowing in our direction, so perfect time to paddle back with the waves. It was nice riding along the waves, but with the boat waves, it could get a bit choppy and hard to keep my boat going straight, it took all of my will power to keep paddle, halfway back, but we made it and now I am resting and not moving a muscle.

This is the small waves that are flowing in, nice ride. I cannot take a picture and keep myself upright when the large ones roll by;) Tomorrow I get back to my routine, lots of sewing to catch up on.


Melissa said...

Lovely photos of your weekend paddle, Debbie! I can almost hear the water and the gulls!

acorn hollow said...

lovely pictures and sounds wonderful. you had a great vacation.

Patti said...

Wow! Wonderful sights! I love to kayak, too but on calmer smaller lakes and rivers ;)
Blessings, Patti

Cat Haven Crafts said...

I would love to try kayking! Hubby and I canoe. He canoes everywhere, but I like to canoe when we go up North to the Gunflint Trail in Minnesota (where we will be heading in 5 days!) Glad you had a fantastic vacation!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Great trip...thanks for taking us along!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Way too choppy and big for me.
Gorgeous to look at though. You guys went really far.